New Vandal Clothing site is online

Our resident freeride correspondant Elbry just got in touch to say that Vandal Clothing have launched a new website and have got new threads ready to roll.

They’ve got big plans for 09 including new team riders, new designs and best of all – loads to give back to the sport.

Check it all out here:

Here’s the latest threads that are in stock now and ready to buy:


VANDAL : making a loss since 1995

Yes thats right, Vandal was never started to take down Nike or Levis, Vandal has always been a rider run and driven brand, Vandal gives 20/24/26″ riders a core clothing brand of quality products, while all the money made and then some goes back in to our sport.

Vandal supports events, riders and hosts events from all the money made on its products, The Vandal bsx event in the early 2000’s was rated by Dirt magazine as one of the best bsx/4x events ever in the UK, All the money from the Vandal bsx events went back to the race sites and we even sponsored our own event giving the land owners money as well as the money from the riders (we even paid for a gate for the hayle boys), Vandal also put on the Vandal jibjam, The first pure mtb only park event in the UK, all the money went back in to the event, half went to the park, the other got split for the top guys on the night and we topped that out with prizes and paying for the PA making sure we made a massive loss! lol..

Vandal has also run Vandal punk and drunk tours and has been focused on supporting trail builders over the last few years giving over £1k worth of clothing away and also helping by giving trail spots bins and tools to keep things on point, With your support we can keep going with this and also supporting riders, Such guys as Kye forte, Nick brock, matt cable, Glen Coe, jame taylor and many more have been supported by Vandal clothing over the last 14 years.

With you guys out in our threads we can keep helping the up and coming talent while you have some cool eye candy to floss in, We give 100% back to the sport, Support Vandal by getting a tee and some decals this year!

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