First Look: Juice Lubes Incredible Fork Juice

lube-1Every now and again we get some goodies through the door that just make sense. They aren’t super posh or high tech, they just add up to a nice little product that’ll make your riding or your bike a wee bit better. Juce Lubes ‘Incredible Fork Juice’ might just be one of ’em!

First of all, I should point out that I’m so happy with the complete smuttyness of writing about LUBES in WIDEOPEN. If you’ve accidentally found this site ‘cos you were googling for internet grot then drop us a message below, we’re very happy to have you.

Anyway – back to it. Juice Lubes ‘Incredible Fork Juice’ is a neat little solution to the problems we all face in trying to keep our bloody expensive forks running nicely. They get gunked up with dirt, the stanctions get scratched, the seals get worn away, the seals feel tight out of the box. Lots of things that you don’t want when you spaffed a grand on a set of forks and certainly won’t help you win any races.

Fork Juice is simply a quick drying, fork friendly lube that you spray on your stanctions and seals. The guys at Juice reckon that with regular squirting you’ll keep your forks running sweeter for longer, protect the seals, protect the stanctions and beat off the dreaded stiction. Another neat point is that it dries with a non-sticky finish meaning you can squirt it on your frame and forks to add as a frame polish and mud-repelent. Might shave off a few grams mid-run you never know!

We’ve still got to give it a proper try but the idea certainly adds up. Forks are expensive. Fork servicing is expensive. Anything you can do to save yourself some dosh and keep them running sweet has got to be a bonus right?

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We’ll pop a writeup in Issue 10 once we’ve had a chance to give it a proper testing. 

For now check out and go get yourselves lubed up.