Foel Gasnach reopens it’s doors for business


Foel Gasnach is a downhill mountain bike venue in North Wales.

The awesome DH trails at Foel Gasnach in North Wales have reopened after a few months of forestry work. The work is 100% done and word from club secretary Wayne is that damage to the tracks has been kept to a minimum which is great. With riding back on at Foel they’ve got some big plans.

Here’s Wayne’s press release:

“Track Closure is no more! Yes as of May 5th Foel Gasnach is officially open for riding again, Luckily the only part of the tracks affected was the first jump on Track 3 which has now been repaired and made better too, we have also done plenty more maintenance as well on tracks 1,3 and 4, you will also notice how much light the forest works have given the top section by the start ramp

Merida OneSixtyMerida OneSixty

You may or may not of heard that FDHR had a meeting with the forestry commission on Friday May 1st, it went really well and hopefully by the end of this year Foel should be a totally different place and a more efficient DH facility, we will be working closely with the FC to take Foel some huge steps forward.”


Good news all round. If you’re in the North West you should definitely give Foel a try. There’s 4 DH tracks, an active club, regular uplifts and enough steep, rooty trails to keep anyone on their toes. For more info or directions to the tracks take a look at:

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