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Dynamic Style Clothing appeared in WO#9 and we really liked what we saw. The company is born and bred in the UK, the designs are fresh and they’ve got a heap of grassroots team riders flying their flag.

We liked Dynamic’s kit and we want to help them show it off, so to give them a bit of an extra boost we’ve asked DS boss Pete to send us a bit more information on what’s going on with the company for ’09.  Take a look and drop by their website if you like what you see:


“Dynamic Style is a clothing company with a difference. The aspects of life the company takes influence from include Art, Street and Extreme Sports. The designers used all have their own unique styles and aspirations and so the uniform image of Dynamic Clothing is constantly changing and evolving. This will therefore provide something for everyone.


Merida OneSixtyMerida OneSixty

2009 Is going to be a big year for Dynamic-Style! I have already hooked up some real good mountainbike riders like Matt White, Stephane Karle and Sam Reynolds, Sam has already done really well at 3 comps this year! He came 7th in the Vienna Big air, 1st in the La Clau bikepark comp and he won the first round of this years King of Dirt series also the Slopestyle and 4x comp down at The-Track. Dynamic-Style might be sponsoring the King of Dirt series this year so fingers crossed things go to plan!
D-S also have sponsored a new Mountainbike Dirt – Street video called “Everywhere” which you can see a review in next months WideOpen magazine, There is a sale on at the moment for the DVD so make sure you get to check that out too! 
For more updates about Dynamic-Style clothing go onto the website and check out the blog!


Here’s a sample of their designs

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