Vallnord 4X Finals – Joost Wichman and Ffion Griffiths win – Patt CJ takes 12th place!


Gold medal for the UK's only female rider on the hill. Ffion Griffiths. Get some.

The results are in. Ffion Griffiths takes GOLD in Andorra 4X for the ladies and Joost Wichman wins for the guys. Patt CJ is the fastest UK fella just over a month after battering his shoulder at UK Bike Park! F-in awesome work to Patt and Ffion. Another quality day for UK racers on the World Circut! 

Keith just got in touch and reckons Wichman put in a hell of a race. He came from behind several times and did it where it mattered in the final. “pure raw energy” in what was an aggressive day of racing in the men’s field. Ffion apparently lead from the start and took advantage of a crash from Kintner which kicked her out of the running and into 4th.  

Looks there are a few downers in the results despite the good news though. Obviously Dan Atherton with his bust collarbone, Keith reckons Dan has been chilling in the media tent today with his arm in a sling.  Also Charlie Phillips who is out of this weekend’s racing but is apparently now up on her feet which is awesome news. It looks like Scott Beaumont didn’t finish his race either… No word on that so far.


Men's 4X winner Joost Wichman from the Netherlands

Scanning the rest of the UK results you’ve got a 23rd for Tom Dowie (Answering Dirt mags ‘who’s fastest between Patt and Dowie’ question!), 34th for Lewis Lacey, Scott Roberts, Will Evans and Bristol local Duncan Ferris were 37th, 38th and 39th respectively, 45th to Bernard Kerr. Looks like with Charlie out, Ffion was the only UK lady on track. Where are all the UK girls?!


Jill Kintner. Numer 1 plate on the bike but number 4 on the results sheet.

Anyway – awesome day of racing and a strong UK field. Good job all. MASSIVE thanks to Keith Valentine for getting his ass out and snipering these awesome shots for us.

Cheers mate! Your cider is in the post! Check out Keith’s images here:

Men’s results:




































Women’s results:

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