HOLY SHIT! Runs just finished at La Bresse for Rd2 of the DH World Cup with GOLD for Steve Peaty, Silver for Tracy Moseley!


We tuned in on Freecaster and aside from a bit of cut-out thanks to a “lightning strike” had a hell of a good time watching the racing and wetting ourselves at Warner and Rach Atherton’s attempts at commentry. 

Kyle Strait sat in the hot seat for a good chunk of the race and enjoyed the full brunt of hundreds of fatty jokes from Warner and Rach. He was kicked by Leov and then Needles Neethling. Needles got the chop from Pascal who then got taken out by Greg Minnaar. Greg didn’t take the top spot by more than a second and out of the blue Brennnndawg stuck himself in the hot seat. Gutted for him it didn’t last long… Sam Hill came down the hill in the rain straight after, 1.16 up on in the rain and put himself in the hotseat. Steve Peat was last man down and f-ckin gunned it like a man possessed, getting loose all the way down. He crossed line into first place with a 2:07:14. My living room exploded, Peaty went wild, Rach and Warner went wild, I’m pretty sure everyone else in the UK probably went wild. Peaty ran around the pits waving his arms around like Jimbo. Sam probably looked gutted. As Warner pointed out “Peaty’s done for downhill what Osama Bin Laden has done for terrorists!”… A well deserved win. Phew I need a pint.

Here’s the top 6 then:

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1. Peat Steve 2:07.14
2. Sam Hill 2:08.41
3. Michael Hannah 2:09.00
4. Bredan Fairclough 2:09.99
5. Gee Atherton 2:11.15
6. Greg Minnaar 2:11.36

Here’s all of the UK rider’s times that I could jot down,

Scott Mears 2.22
Harry Heath 2.18.39
Sam Dale 2.16.51
Josh Bryceland 2.14.22
Ben Reid 2.15.81
Tom Deacon 2.13.76
Ben Cathro 2.15.60
Dan Atherton 2.14.75
Brendawg Fairclough 2.09.99
Gee Atherton 2.11.15
STEVE PEAT 2.07.14