Wideopen World Cup Invasion

Yo! It’s World Cup weekend and the Wideopen team will be out in force at Fort Bill to bring you the latest action…

With any luck we’ll be beaming heaps of great pics, video and updates to you through the webby and our Facebook…..
There’s a tonne of coverage available all over the web so be sure to include us on your list to check out – especially if you wanna see how the UK young guns are getting on – we like them the best…

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I’m currently 30 minutes into my journey and sat on a train to cardiff to hook up with paul and tim from footout flatout… Soon as we hook up we’ll start the mammoth 12 hour drive north! I’m pretty sure that’s longer than the flight to whistler. Shit. Proper updates start tomorrow… if you want to see some words from the road stay tuned. The bored’r I get the more I’ll update!

Jamie – Wideopenmag’s travel sick editor