Team: Dan’s Cloon mini-repo

The second round of the winter league was on at the weekend in Cloon woods, Wicklow.

The track was real fun – Fast, short and not alot of pedaling! Helmet cam in the post below. I was down the weekend before practising as its pretty local to me and i felt good on the track.

Saturday morning was very cold, with bits of the track frozen over, but was quickly sorted out with a bit of salt. Practise went well and the track was running sweet but started to get a bit muddy when the ice melted. On my last run or the day I binned it after slipping off the wooden wall ride due to the chicken wire falling apart. Massive dead leg!!!

Sunday morning was again strange, With snow falling during the first few hours, It didnt do any harm to the track and it was dryer than saturday. After a few runs and practising some lines I was good to go.

First race run went pretty good, I nailed the top section but made a big mistake before entering the open section, I got to the bottom and went into 1st, 11 seconds ahead of 2nd place, Knowing I could shave a few seconds off.

2nd race run went even better, and thought it would be a few seconds quicker as I was getting pedals in everywere, I got to the bottom only to go 1 second faster, Winning my category by 11 seconds. My time put me 1st in the Junior category and 5th in Elites (5th fastest time of the day!). The bike went sick all weekend!!

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It was good again to have the team mate Tarbett on the podium, In 3rd place this time.

The next race is in 2 weeks in Moneyscalp, And the day after that im off to Spain for some riding! for more from Dan!