Leatt DBX

Body armour and protection are standard issue for most riders these days – and with high profile accidents the benefits of wearing a neck brace have been pushed by both riders and manufacturers. Thanks to Andy at Hotlines here is the latest on the Leatt range…

Introducing the new DBX neck brace by Leatt®, the bicycle specific neck brace system developed by the same people who started a revolution on the Motocross circuit. Designed with BMX and Downhill Mountain Biking in mind, the Leatt-Brace® DBX neck brace features Leatt®’s patented Alternative Load Path Technology™ (ALPT™). ALPT™ is the key to the success of the Leatt-Brace®. This innovation helps disperse the energy of an impact to the head and helps to assist in the transferring of forces away from the vulnerable neck to the upper torso. The DBX comes in two variants; the DBX Ride, a glass-reinforced nylon construction with basic adjustability and the DBX Comp, a glass-reinforced nylon construction with full individual adjustability. Leatt® – Engineered for Performance.

Leatt DBX Ride – £229.99

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Leatt DBX Comp – £349.99

Hotlines will be stocking both DBX braces along with all spares and brace accessories, they will also be stocking the Leatt luggage range. First deliveries of stock will be at the beginning of June 2010.

For more information, please contact the Hotlines sales office:

Hotlines UK – 0131 319 14 44 – [email protected]