If you go up to the quarry today…

After several gorgeous weeks weather we headed up to meet Ed Oxley at Lee Quarry in the rain on Wednesday. Ed helped trail designer Rowan Sorrell turn local Countryside Officer, Tony Lund’s dream of creating a new kind of trail centre to life!

Wideopen has used Lee Quarry for bike testing before – it’s compact nature made it a great place to try things back to back over a consistent trail. The variety was ok, but the short loops meant you could have a lot of fun just sessioning sections without feeling guilty…

6 months on and over the winter Rowan with the help of his band of trail builders – including roping in locals like Ed (from Great Rock fame) have added several new lines at Lee Quarry and built a completely new loop at nearby Cragg Quarry. The variety is trails is pretty decent with something for all abilities to have fun on – and how could I not mention the berms! Mahooosive berms… everywhere! Awesome!

These photos are by Denis Oates, the official council photographer and show Ed and Rowan blasting the new trails at Cragg Quarry – as well as local trials ripper Ali C doing some incredible stuff on and around the cool new pump track!

Rowan and Ed at Cragg

Rowan at Cragg

Rowan at Cragg

Rowan and Ed on Cragg

Rowan and Ed in the sunshine at Cragg Quarry

Ali C backflip out of the pump track at Lee Quarry
Ali C at Lee Quarry

Ali C rides a sculpture at Lee Quarry

Check out the article in Issue 13 when Wideopen has the first press exclusive on the new trails for Trailscene, with an interview with Tony and help from Ed… out end of June! If you’re heading up there before and want a guided ride get in touch with Ed and see what he can offer :)

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