Eurobike 2010: Day 1 – roadtrips, Kona, Five Ten, Urge

Our mate Joe is over at Eurobike right now working for Five Ten…

Alongside pimping sticky shoes to the industry,  he’s going to fire us a few updates from behind the scenes. First up we’ve got Kona, Five Ten, helmets from Urge.  Stay tuned for more over the next few days.

One Easy Jet flight later and i was sat in the belly of the beast. I’m not going to lie, since my last flight got hit by lightening, i’m a bit twitchy. But looking around it was bliss, no-one around, new plane, leg room?! I was due a final destination moment any second…

It all went fine as usual, even the food wasn’t too bad! instead of the usual dribbler, i sat next to a rather intelligent bloke for once.  Infact, turns out he’s an inventor and not shy of a penny or two… See THIS for one of them….

Friedrichshafen is nestled right on the border, with one of the most stunning backdrops and lake to match.

Eurobike isn’t like most trade shows, there’s stuff going on literally 24/7. Fashion shows(weird), dirt jump contests, more product you can shake a stick at and most of all bike porn…

It was a busy and long first day so here’s a few little snippets, expect more tommorow evening!

Five ten falcon: New all mountain spd shoe for 2011

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Five ten cyclone: High top spd shoe 2011

Five ten spitfire: New colour for 2011

Five ten spitfire low: Lightweight casual spitfire, super light. nice pearl colour.

Five ten White Tiger: White Freerider, with new micro dot sole unit.

Kona operator: Flagship dh bike. Definite improvement.

Kona bass: Sick looking slopestyle fun bike.


Urge helmets: Nice colours for 2011. Definite contender.

Cheers Joe! Stay tuned for more Eurobike updates…