team: Dave’s trip to the Lakes

Team rider Dave is up in the Lake District.

Alongside robbing wifi from tea shops, working on his tan and riding big mountains he’s done a bit of blogging.


Just stumbled into town to find me some internet and catch up with whats happened at the world champs…Gutted for Graves as he was on it but why did we only have one 4X racer attending…and not even our national champ?!

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Still, Having an easier day today as I’ve spent over 13 hours on the bike in the last 2 days, and done best part of 10,000 feet vertical ascent….and then descent! The riding is epic, the weather is incredible. I found a natural berm, formed by a now dried up river/stream, near the top of a mountain yesterday. It’s an incredible feeling getting loose and drifty over 3,000 feet up with one of the most stunning views I’ve ever seen. Sucks to have a day job!


.I have no phone signal here, next to no internet (had to hunt down this cafe) and I didn’t even bring a watch with me so I’m doing it old school, getting up when it’s light and going to bed when It’s dark…unless I’m in the pub! Hunting and cooking my own food as well (by hunting, I mean hunting down a shop and then buying the food). Brilliant.


Not going to lie, the Orange Alpine 160 is possibly the best bike I’ve ever ridden, and it’s loving these epic descents, and it’s not too heavy to put it on my back and properly hike-a-bike when necessary!.

Just thought I’d fire over a few photos, feel free to put this up on the webby – it is my intention to get as many people as jealous as possible. Not sure I’ve ever been in the lakes with weather this good. I’m getting tan lines around where my pads are, not a good look!