team: STOLEN Wideopen team fleet…(updated)

Wideopen team rider Wayne Appleby has had his full fleet of bikes nicked…

Scumbags broke into shed last night, cleaning out 3 mountainbikes and a pitbike. The cops are on the scene right now dusting for prints. Please – check out this post and let us know if you’ve got any info.

REWARDS if you can bring this stuff back kids.

Bike 1:

Brand new Solid M9 with 2010 Boxxers.  Conti Der Kaiser tyres, Superstar pedals (gold), Wideopen stickers on the carbon fork guards.

Bike 2:

2Stage Elite 9, Boxxer WC, Avid juicy 7, gravity bar and stem, SDG i beam saddle, Mavic 721 on reverse front wheel, brand new SLX cranks.

Bike 3:

2006 Specialized Enduro Pro – stock parts except for a set of new Conti tyres. No drive train.

Bike 4:

Demon X 125 pit bike – stock except for hi-rise Renthal bars.

All bikes were stolen from Flint in North Wales last night. They were all locked up securely using anchor points and top spec locks/chains. Whoever nicked ’em wasn’t pissing about. If you’re in the area, keep your bikes safe and keep an eye out.

-update: More bikes were pinched in the same area from a different address last night… The police suspect both incidents were connected. Keep on your guard if you’re in the area!

The cops suspect a couple of scams are going around at the moment ….

1 – Scummers are targeting people that are selling high-end bikes or parts on ebay.  Keep your ebay stuff safe like this. When someone buys something off you, they can see your home address (like this). Be aware.

2 – Scummers are targeting people with posh bikes at trails centres and following them home to spot for easy thefts. Don’t go mad on this one, just be sensible and call the police if you spot anything suspicious at your local trails. Obviously NEVER leave your bike in the car and always lock your bikes up with a proper lock when you get home.  Proper means D-Locks not chains/loops.

Email me on … If you’ve got any info that brings these bikes back we’ll hook you up.

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