HaloBritishDHSeries Round 1 video MEGAPOST!

Round 1 is done and the media onslaught can begin!

Here’s our very own Wideopenmag edit. This is the one you don’t want to miss! Hit play for bangers from Peaty, Beaumont, Bryceland, Al Bond, Fairclough and a chance to win some super good prizes.

Chris Seager is first out of the blocks with some nice panning work!

And don’t miss our chestcam run of the track with MTBCut’s Ben Cathro

Next up is Milkpro’s edit of the Saracen team…

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How about Mr Peat’s helmet cam run?

…and probably the shot of the weekend from Mr Tim Lake. Awesome work Tim Lake.

And a bit of MTBCribs action from Milkpro and the Saracen crew

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And another one from Will Roberts

Time for our mate Tom Davison’s edit – nice work Tom. Good to see all that beer on Saturday night didn’t get in the way of your filming!

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Scott Marshall in the house: