The Dartmoor Shine – wideopen first look

Last Wednesday evening was full of nice surprises. First up, I did my first ever BMX race at Patchway in Bristol (I got destroyed by a load of kids). Alongside that, I got to meet Wideopen 4x rider Ali Keen for the first time and ride with him and Dave Thomason (our other 4x) team rider. Last but not least, I met Graham Foot of Slam69 fame and he lent me this very, very sexy Dartmoor Shine.

At first glance I wasn’t particularly sure what the hell to do with the Shine and was tempted to pass it on to someone with some considerably Radder Skillz that I possess… Strangely – a week later – and I’ve ridden it nigh on everyday, have become addicted to the BMX track and have even just been out for a five minute after work spin round the block on it. ¬†Now, I never go for a quick ‘spin round the block’ so I’m guessing that this bike has made a bit of an impression on me!

The Shine pretends to be nothing other than an awesome fuck about bike. A Slopestyle bike, full suss jump bike, a hack bike … Whatever you want to call her, she’s designed for having a lot of fun on!

The Shine offers a modest 100mm suspension out back. Just enough to soak up the hits and encourage rowdy lines… without being too much to make it sluggish and fat. Chuck in a single speed setup, 2:1 leverage ratio, slack head angle, short top tube… and you’ve got a ¬†great weapon for BMX tracks, jumps, drops, street, skateparks, hacking up the local woods, pumptracks – whatever.

Tapered headtube up front and some swoopy, flowing lines in the middle.

It was nice to see that the Shine isn’t just another knocked together catalogue frame – there’s some lovely attention to detail here. Check out the machining of the Dartmoor logo on the linkeage just above the chainring. Saves weight and looks trick!

Single-speed and a bolt through back end?! Ok – she’s not going to be taking you on any all-day ride around the Glentress Black Loop … but she’ll destroy the jump park! This bike is simple, it’s quiet, it’s solid and it’s FUN!

At the risk of being too gushy – I’m going to say that borrowing the Shine has opened my eyes up to a whole lot of riding I’ve missed out on with my current downhill bike, XC bike set up. I reckon it might just have persuaded me that there’s room in the shed for a ‘fun’ bike for trails and BMX tracks again! Nice work Dartmoor!

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Finishing the Shine’s build was an assortment of great Dartmoor components including hubs, super wide chrome bars, pivotal seat and pedals. All seem great so far.

Thanks to Graham at Slam69 for the loan of the Shine – and apologies in advance – he’s going to have a fight on his hands when it comes to giving her back! Check out more about Dartmoor in the UK here.

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