Wideopenmag World Cups – Mont St Anne, Canada day 1

Update 1. Coming at you from Wideopenmag’s Rich Thomas on the road in Canada! Twitter: @richthomas24

I’m having a sick trip so far, the flight was tidy, chatted up the air hostess and got extra food. ‘growing lad and all that’. Got to see the New York skyline from the interstate which was real cool but we got chronically lost in New York and pretty much ended up in the Bronx. It took us most of the afternoon to get the hire car from one side of New York to the other, to the point where we had to buy a map!

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We have just signed on and walked the track, I have never been over here before and I can see what all the fuss is about, the Mont Saint Anne track looks amazing, it is long, technical and fast, like a radder Fort William!

So practice starts tomorrow and we’re all moist for it! Let’s just hope the weather holds off so we don’t have to do too much washing and cleaning!!!

Catch you in a few days, I’ll just ride my bike in Canada!!
T-bag (Rich Thomas) x
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Thanks to Rich and to Tim Lake for this one.