Brendan Fairclough shows off the new DMR “Brendog” Vault

The new signature DMR “Brendog Vault” has had a lot of attention over the internet. With their sleek matt black looks they’re sure to be appearing on many a bike at a woods near you!

If this video from the guys at Aspect Media  of Brendan riding them is anything to go by, they should be pretty good:

This from DMR:

Brendan was fully involved right at the start of the Vault development. He helped us with the shape and feel of the product as well as guiding us with what he wanted to do with the axle length and pins…everything really. We wanted him on the pedal but couldn’t because of his sponsor ties. Our first year with Bren running the pedal was 2011. He ran it for a full world cup season whilst we we’re developing his own signature colour way. This thing was a group effort. Quite simply, its the pedal he wanted to run so we made the most of it.

DMR Brendog Vault Pedals

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Bren had some pins on his moto which he wanted to try on a pushbike. We got them off him and tracked down the manufacturer in Taiwan. After testing them on the pedal he was pumped. He currently runs them in the low spot of the concave. This is because they are thinner but taller and allow your foot to sink into the pedal more. A slightly more aggressive feel for wild loose riding.

DMR Brendog Vault Pedals

The Vaults have a big platform, a low profile and don’t collect mud. Brendan runs them on his jump, XC and DH bikes.

DMR Brendog Vault Pedals

Check them out on the DMR site here: