Saracen British Downhill Series Round1 – Randoms

The race season is ON! Day 1 of the Saracen Bikes British Downhill Series kicked off today at Combe Sydenham.

Today was a mellow start with track walks, pit set up and a chance to say ‘hi’ to our racing buddies that we’ve not seen since last season! Here’s a few randoms from today.


As if it wasn’t enough that Sam Hill is racing Nukeproof … he’s actually here at Combe Sydenham. In Rich T’s words “well, I never thought in all my days I’d see Sam Hill at Combe Sydenham”. Sam wasn’t giving much away – it’ll be wild to see where he squeezes seconds out of the track.


We’ve had an extension for this year. We’ve got new team rider Laurie Greenland and another mechanic in the form of TF Tuned’s Oscar Newton-Mason… So we’ve got a double sized pits for this year!

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Thanks to SurfTurf for the epic last minute printing and delivery. Pop down and see us if you’re in the area. Oscar is ready and waiting for your suspension questions.


Today was all about getting the pits and the bikes set up. Tyre choice is the big one though. The top and bottom woods are dry, the fire road is a pedal-fest and the middle woods are greasy. What are you going for..? Here’s Rich’s new Nukeproof Pulse basking in the sun ready for some tuning.


Oh – and the most important job of the day – the First Beer of the Season. Cheers!

That’s it – it’s been a long day! See you tomorrow if you’re track-side!