Longterm – Gamut P20

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I’ve been running the new Gamut P20 throughout the winter and subjecting it to all the cold, wet riding that the UK can offer.  With plenty of miles put through it I can safely say that I prefer it to the devices that I’ve run in the past or currently run on my other bikes.

 “I can safely say that I prefer it to the devices that I’ve run in the past”

The Gamut is a light-weight and simple guide that does away with running the chain across a bottom roller and instead has it slide across a simple and easy to maintain rubber O-ring.  Protecting the chain and chain ring is a light-weight bash ring which mounts to your cranks and does a good job of fending off blows. The whole thing weighs about 160grammes making it impressively slender and a good choice for trail bikes.

One of the Gamut’s best attributes is how well it sheds mud and debris when compared to a guide with a bottom roller. I rode the Gamut back to back with a roller-equipped guide in the recent heavy snow and found that the P20 had way more empty space around the back and that the bash ring shed snow and mud instantly. In heavy mud and grit this means less muck to slow you down and less wear on your chain, which is great.

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The choice to use a rubber O-ring rather than a bottom roller meant zero maintenance and zero mechanical problems which I’m happy about. I was a bit worried about maintenance, but even after a good few months the O-ring is showing impressively little wear and tear. There’s also a spare supplied in the box though for when it does eventually snap.

Despite loads of rocky riding in the Welsh valleys and Mendip hills the P20 is still going strong and looking in great condition – unlike my rims and frame which have taken a fair few dings! I did wonder about lack of a skid plate to protect the lower guide but I’m hardly using it like a trials rider and I think you’d have to be extremely unlucky or heavy handed to damage it. If you regularly smash your BB you may prefer something like an E-13 with a skid-plate but that’s up to you.

I’ve really appreciated the P20 based on what it doesn’t have. That being: a jockey wheel to maintain, noise from things rubbing and any excess material.  I don’t want any of that and the P20 fits the bill.

tested by: Pedal Progression’s Sam Fowler
cashmoney: £99.99
the word: An impressively light and simple chain device that is hassle and maintenance free.