UK Bike Park is up for sale

Classic South West trail spot ‘UK Bike Park’ has been put up for sale and is closed until further notice.

Home to downhill and 4X trails for 10 years the Park’s owner has decided that it’s time for a change.


Here’s the update, taken from UKBP’s facebook page.

“Ukbikepark for sale! Closed until further notice.

Not been any easy decision but after a lot of thinking over the holiday period I’ve finally decided to sell the park. I’ve been cranking out the park for the last 10 years and need a change.

There are 3 possible outcomes –

1. Sell the park to a private individual – things will carry on a normal
2. Sell it to club
3. Sell everything off, flatten the trails, remove the car park and cabin etc.


What I’m selling is company the Ukbikepark Ltd, included within that is primarily the planning permission to use the site as a cycling venue with permission for the trails, cabin, car park, toilets, access track within the 22 hectares site – only Ukbikepark has been granted the planning permission. The land owners the Forestry Commission are offering a commercial lease for 8 years + to run the site. For the right to use the land with the uplift track, trails, start ramp, bridge, cabin, carpark I’m asking £20K. Other assets such as kitchen equipment, bike trailers, timing gear, toilets etc would be available to purchase on top of the base price. The max deadline is the end of March to have it all handed over and finalised. The FC are very keen to see the park continue and I will work towards making this happen. The park has great potential as really just needs finishing off – please only serious enquires only as this a massive undertaking a lifestyle choice with many responsibilities!


A big thanks to all you guys who have helped and supported the park over the years, it’s been great – lets hope it continues Hopefully I’ll be able to ride the park in the summer as a punter for a change!”

Whatever happens – thanks for all the good times Paul – good luck for the future!

Now – who’s got some pocket money spare to keep a classic venue alive?

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