2014 RaceFace Circus of Dirt, Round 2, Newnham Park

Time has flown by since round one, last weekend it was time for round two of the Raceface Bitesize Gravity Enduro at Newnham park in Plymouth. With many people enjoying round one, it saw a good number of riders coming back to race again no matter what the weather had in store for us, or just how much rain could we handle this time.


With practice in full swing, and lots of riders talking about how slippery and tough the conditions were combined with some steep technical stages, it was clear you just had to be smooth and steady in some sections just to stay on the bike.

After completing a practice lap it was time for a quick breather and a change of clothes, before getting to stage one to start the race. Stage one was pretty flat out from the start with riders having to dig deep and get those pedals in, a few uphill sprints thrown in for good measure it was a lung burner and to finish we were faced with a steep technical chute and a mad sprint to the finish line to complete the stage.

j (4)

Stage two was for sure the most challenging stage of the day, steep, tight and very muddy turns with no berms and ruts moving further and further down the hill, it was catching most people out even myself, having to dismount and walk back on track. Great section to have included in this race, really did test everyone and nice to see with a DH background.

enduro round 2

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So that brings me onto the final stage, very similar layout to round one, nice single track at the top to get some speed up then to start the descent in some very slippery flat turns. It was yet again very difficult to have a clean run through the section and therefore a crowd had gathered to witness the carnage.

j (2)

So that concludes yet another great event at Newnham Park, was good to see riders braving the weather and getting involved. Would like to say thank you to all involved especially the marshals, and to the winner of the day and great friend Ash Mullane for taking the win. Ash had to be at Derriford Hospital on Monday morning to have some metal removed from a past injury, that is dedication for you! I came in second with Tobias Pantling third.

Well it’s been a blast the last few races, and given me a chance to enjoy some riding and catch up with everyone. Until next time, hang on in there with the weather not long now until those summer evening rides!

Thanks, Jay!

Big thanks to Mullet Snaps for the photographs! Full results on RootsandRain.