PHOTO STORY: 2015 London Bike Show DMR Pumptrack Challenge

This week sees the London Bike Show descend on the Excel Center.

Tucked away in the corner of the show was the latest DMR Pumptrack Challenge… Alex Gann raced and snapped the action!

Jamie edwards-30 (Custom)

Whilst the entry list wasn’t deep … the talent pool was world class. Brendan Fairclough and Manon Carpenter were both in the gate. They were joined by Olly Wilkins, Tom Dowie, Pat CJ and a handful of other insanely good bike riders.

Jamie edwards-26 (Custom)

Guess who won? Yep, you know it. It was Brendan who put in a blisteringly fast lap. I mean, there were at least 5 other riders on track there were crazy fast, and old Brendog seemed to be on a different planet again. A giant, novelty cheque and the glory for Mr Fairclough.

Great work again Chris Roberts – look out for more great racing at

Cheers to Alex Gann for snapping these great photos!

Jamie edwards-16 (Custom)

Jamie edwards-8 (Custom)

Jamie edwards-31 (Custom)

Jamie edwards (Custom)

Jamie edwards-9 (Custom)

Jamie edwards-14 (Custom)

Jamie edwards-21 (Custom)


Jamie edwards-4 (Custom)

Jamie edwards-34 (Custom) Jamie edwards-33 (Custom)

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