Woodland Riders Winter Series Round 3

Sunday the 1st of February saw the latest round of the now infamous Woodland Riders Winter Series. Jay Williamson has sent us his report of what went down

Scrub tavi woods 2015

Here we go again!

Last Sunday saw Round 3 of the Woodland Riders Winter Series take place at the renowned Tavi Woodlands Downhill tracks in the spectacular Tamar Valley.

As always in the winter months, riders are itching to get racing again after a little time off. Whether they have become a gym rat over the winter and want to see if the long hours of effort have paid off, or, whether they are simply riders that enjoy some sliding around in the winter mud , there is always an eager gaggle ready to take on one of the best local race series in the UK.

What a turn out it was with 108 riders attending the event. It was also great to see some old faces that I grew up racing with and that never fails to get the race banter and friendly jibes flying. Amongst the notables and locals in attendance were Will Soffe, Jack Howe, Don Howe, Leuan Willams.

matt tavi

Unfortunately we were one main man down, no other than Mx.v.Atv hero and all round pinner Ash Mullane, who is yet again doing a awesome job of bouncing back from a niggling injury and operation – get well soon matey!

So to the track; well, it had something for everyone, a big old sprint out the start gate, a rather daunting section of sniper roots, a flowey section of jumps and the odd sketchy drop thrown in for good measure.

With run number 1 underway, the weather was being very kind, allowing some fair racing to commence. It was soon clear there was going to be another very close battle for the podium places. Myself, Leuan Williams, Viera Roger and Will Soffe were all near enough on the same second. It was shaping up to be yet another famous Tavi Woodlands battle.

Mike hodkins tavi

From talking to riders throughout the day it was clear everyone had the same strategy, knowing the only real way to send the times tumbling was to attack from the get go and really focus on staying smooth. The track really punished you for that odd foot down or small mistake. Across all categories competition was fierce.

The interlude before Run 2 allowed everyone to take onboard that all important food, a much needed belly warmer, before getting back to the start for another shot at the title.
With second runs underway the word from the racers already down the hill was that the track was running quicker and most riders times had improved which seemed to be the case. Smiles all round then!

For me heading into run 2, it was a little puzzling as to where I would find that extra time on track. With no extra lines or anything special up my sleeve that I could unleash it was simply down to doing the same again. Sometimes winning is down to getting the basics right, a few extra strong pedal strokes, pushing my luck and some later breaking was the plan for my second run.

Crossing the finish line all had gone to plan. Soon I heard that I had taken the overall win. I could only think that I was right to put aside run 1. With Leuan Williams only 0.449 back with Vieira Roger taking 3rd place, times were ridiculously close.


Junior mens win going to: Vieira Douglas, for two great consistent runs and 6th overall on the day.
Riders of the day go to:

• Ben Hushon for yet another consistent win in the Ripper class- well done chap!
• James Farrow for taking the Masters win and a well deserved 7th overall.

As always a big shout out has to go to the big man that makes theses races happen ,CHAZ LAMLEY! Chaz and his great team of volunteers manage to put on some of the best run races in the calendar. Make sure to keep a eye on the woodland riders racing Face book page and website for Round 4 in March.

Would like to say thanks to my sponsors for the great support so far this year! They are Steve Peat Sps 2015, Drift innovation, Horizon watches, Muscle Tone massage!

Thanks and see you all around soon!

Jay Williamson

To enter the next round or catch up on race results visit Woodland Riders Racing website

Thanks very much to Lee Hanson and Alex Law for the photo’s

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