The 2015 UK Gravity Enduro Series, your complete guide

The UK Gravity Enduro Series is the UK’s top enduro series and unofficial “national” series.

The series is pushing Enduro forward in the UK, growing the sport and breeding talent to move up to Enduro World Series level. The series was started in 2011 by Steve Parr and co. and went through a couple of years of growth before becoming the all-singing-all-dancing UK Gravity Enduro Series.

This year’s dates and venues are:

Round 1 Triscombe 10/11 May 2015
Round 2 Grizedale 27/28 June 2015
NATIONAL CHAMPS Dyfi 18/19 July 2015
Round 3 Hamsterly 1/2 August 2015
Round 4 Ae Forest 29/30 August 2015
Round 5 TBC 1920 September 2015

We love enduro and enduro racing here at Wideopenmag and we’ll be making sure we keep our finger on the pulse throughout 2015. Same as the downhill, we’re not just covering the racing … we’re doing the racing, we’re in on the action and we’re at the heart of the sport.


Mark Scott, Team Wideopenmag elite racer

Mark Scott is Wideopenmag’s top team rider. Mark will be racing the UK Gravity Enduro Series in 2015 and has already won the first round at Triscombe by 15 seconds!

Mark will focus on the Enduro World Series in 2015 and race any and all UK Gravity Enduro events that he can fit in alongside. Give him a cheer if you see him and his Nukeproof Mega hooning by!

Read Mark’s story from UK Gravity Enduro round 1 at Triscombe.

Check out Mark’s Nukeproof Scout hardtail

Mark Scott – 3rd place at the Torpedo7 Coronet Peak Enduro


Tough tests for tough products at the UK Gravity Enduro Series

We’re not about half-arsed product tests. A quick lap of the local trails or a reconstituted press-release isn’t a review. We’ve teamed up with Ben from MTBStrengthFactory to test a heap of products all season at the UK Gravity Enduro Series. Ben will hammer these products all season, race them, smash them throughout the UK and report back on how they perform after they’ve been through the grinder.

Read our race-test of the Lapierre Spicy 527, as raced at the UK Gravity Enduro.

Read our race-test of the Bell Super2R helmet, as raced at the UK Gravity Enduro.

And of course, loads of great one-off stories around the series to keep your finger on the pulse.

Bike thieves strike the UK Gravity Enduro Series

Riders must have insurance in place to race UK Gravity Enduro Series

British Cycling still won’t back UK Gravity Enduro Series in 2015


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