Trackside at 2015 RedBull Hardline

Holy shit. Today was a wild day of mountain biking at 2015 Red Bull Hardline.

words by Jim Smith, video and photos by Jamie Edwards, thumbnail by Ian Lean 

There’s nothing that isn’t hard about RedBull Hardline.

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Despite Friday’s good weather Mother Nature had other ideas for today and treated us to driving rain and a wild, slippy track. Whilst the decision was made to run a short track there was no less to challenge the riders. The huge hip, the scary run in, the jump over the wall, the wet rocks, the road gap … All enough on their own to make the race the toughest around, let alone in one massive track! Even with a reduced length, the track was packed with the most challenging, terrifying and technical terrain you’ll find in a mountain bike race.

The forecast says racing is ON for Sunday – fingers crossed for another day of incredible bicycle racing. Good luck for race day guys!