Breaking news: British Enduro Series announced for 2016

Breaking news enduro fans, a new British Enduro Series has been announced.

Looking for info on the Cannondale British Enduro Series, as organised by the British Downhill Series crew? Head over to our British Enduro Series page.unnamed (6)

The series – announced today – will be sponsored by Marin bikes and organised by the team behind the Mondraker / Red Kite enduro series. It will be made up of 7 rounds, throughout the UK and will include a national championships.

The announcement should come as good news for racers with the cancellation of the UK Gravity Enduro Series last week.

Touted as a “a brand new National MTB Enduro Series” it looks set to try and fill the gap left behind by Steve Parr and co. The name is interesting and as the “British Enduro Series” it makes a statement that it will be the UK’s premier enduro series.


The press release is pretty brief but includes some interesting bits of information:

“Brought to you by MTB Enduro Ltd, the organising team has extensive experience in running successful and well-loved Enduro events such as the popular Mondraker Enduro Series in 2015 and a number of other MTB events over many years. Riders and trail builders themselves, the organisers assure racers of all levels a chilled, ‘ride with your mates’ approach and trails that will keep you buzzing well after the racing has finished.”

The organisers have run a grass-roots, Welsh enduro series for a couple of years already. The races are aimed at riding with your buddies, a lack of pressure and often riding freshly built, technical trails.  The “fun” vibe will be really welcome to some – but maybe less welcome to those calling for a more professional, prestigious national series.

“In 2015, there was much discussion surrounding the rider insurance and full-face helmet debate. The British Enduro Series can confirm that it will be the rider’s responsibility to insure against loss of earnings in the event of an injury and that personal insurance cover is therefore strongly advised. Likewise full-face helmets are strongly advised however they are not compulsory.”

And there you have it. No mandatory insurance or full face for 2016.

Last but not least, the series dates – with venues to follow:

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The 2016 dates for your diary are:

Round 1 – Mid Wales 19-20 March

Round 2 – South West England 23-24 April

Round 3 – South Wales, 21-22 May

Round 4 – Scotland 25-26 June

Round 5 – North Wales 23-24 July*

Round 6 – Northern Engalnd 24-25 September

Round 7 – Midlands 22-23 October

*This weekend will also be the British National Champs.

We’re excited to hear more about the new series. For now, you can follow them on Facebook.

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