Huge jumps & Huge crashes: Kye Forte at Red Bull Hardline

Exactly how hard is Hardline?

Join Kye Forte for a ride down the track and some chat with Jamie about the challenge of trying to tame the beast.

Contains BIG jumps and BIG crashes!

It’s fair to say that Hardline was a brutally tough experience for everyone involved. It’s easy to assume that the invited riders are super-humans that will huck everything without fear. Whilst they are incredible riders they are still human. They crash, they get scared, they hurt and they (just like the rest of us!) will case jumps and eat shit. Hardline was the event that made all of that happen!

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Team Wideopenmag’s Kye Forte was invited to take part in Hardline and despite only riding downhill properly for a couple of years got stuck in and – in his usual bloody minded way – threw himself at everything. He loved it for the most part but took a savage beating from the track at the same time. That’s what Hardline is all about – challenging incredible riders to ride bigger and scarier terrain than ever before.

Kye shot this footage throughout Saturday and Sunday on his DriftHD camera – the camera never does a trail justice, but you should be able to see exactly how gnarly the event was!