Epic Israel Race Diary Day 3: The final brutal kilometers

The last and final day of Epic Israel and Pete had to learn from days 1 and 2 and push on for the final brutal 68km.

With 200km already in the tank did he survive Israel’s toughest mountain bike race?

So, day 3, our last leg of Epic Israel – a 3 day marathon XC race in Israel (obviously!). Man has that flown by! 23 hours of racing crammed in to just 72 hours is an awful lot of time on the bike. I’ve learned a lot about myself since the race started 3 days ago and my legs have well and truly been hammered. Today was effectively the shortest and easiest day of the 3, a mere 68km on a more ‘mountain biker’s’ trail according to our host Nimi. Singletrack was certainly more prominent which meant that the pace was certainly easier to eek out of my legs.

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Let’s see how Day 3 went down:

Sunrise above Kibbutz Dalia on the 2015 Epic Israel.
Early starts equals amazing sunrises above Kibbutz Dalia.
Pete and his Saracen Bikes Mantra Carbon on a a big climb on 2015 Epic Israel.
Rolling hills and plenty of big fire road climbs today. I did smile, honest!
Marathon XC racing is tough. Pete Scullion at the 2015 Epic Israel.
Where the toys nearly cleared the pram. This was like riding on broken tarmac…
How to stay cool racing mountain bikes in Israel. Pete Scullion Giro Footwear.
Want to cool yourself off? Get your feet wet. Best advice ever from Rab.
Drink plenty of water at 2015 Epic Israel.
Want to get the sweat out of your eyes? Put the bottle on your eye. Not Rab’s advice…
Pete Scullion 2015 Epic Israel.
Nothing is better than an ice lolly at the end of a stage race!
Dirt School's Rab Wardell 2015 Epic Israel.
Rab was a wee bit tuckered out after stage 3.
RECM Specialized lads and Evoc Bike Bags Jerusalem Epic Israel.
Waiting for the bus to Jerusalem with the RECM Specialized lads.
Epic sunset over Jerusalem for Epic Israel
#lightbro on the bus ride south and east to Jerusalem.
Another beautiful Jerusalem sunset Epic Israel.
Israel does sunsets pretty well. Food and sleep follows the sun dipping below the horizon.

Congratulations to Pete and Rab for surviving 3 days of grueling racing in Israel! We’ll be checking in with Pete once he lands back to get the full story of the trip and hear how he coped with his first Epic Israel and first marathon XC race.

You can read Pete’s story from his first mountain bike trip to Israel here.