VIDEO: Mark Scott pre-season shredding on his new Santa Cruz

Ever since the Angry Bird joined the Wideopenmag roster we knew he was destined for greater stuff. We were stoked to the max when he finished in the top 10 at the Tweedlove EWS. Come 2016, Mark moved on to pastures new with Santa Cruz and made it count.

Fresh off the back of a stellar second place finish at the EWS warm up event, the Andes Pacifico, former Wideopenmag rider Mark Scott sat down with Jacob Gibbins to see what the year ahead has in store for him.

How has the big switch over the last few years from DH to Enduro gone for you?

It was exciting, after racing DH for so long and getting a little fed up of finishing 60th at most World Cups I decided I needed to try get some focus and motivation back into racing. I’ve raced every EWS since the beginning and they are always pushing to take us to new places and the amount of bike riding time you get is amazing, the racing is still world class and the atmosphere is way more chilled out than DH, it’s a good place to be!

Do you think you will ever dip your toe back into DH or is it Enduro all the way from here?

Maybe here and there but not World Cups, I feel like I put all my effort into the EWS and its too much to race at a high level in both disciplines. I think I might try do a few Crankworx DH races if I can squeeze them in, more for fun though and doing laps with the Boiz! I have a V10 coming soon, it needs to be put through its paces! I’ve not had a DH bike for 4 years.

Mark Scott 2016 Santa Cruz Bicycles Enduro World Series Andes Pacifico

Sum up how last seasons racing on the EWS went for you?

Last season was good, another big step forward for me, breaking the top 10, with top 5 stage times and finishing 14th at the end of the season. You can’t really get that lucky in enduro, especially EWS, they are big races and you have to be fit all year to even get inside the top 40! I’m always learning year after year about everything, hopefully I can keep it that way and make my way to the top!

What was the best moment of last season and why?

Probably 6th at the Scottish EWS, I think I was only about 15 secs behind the lead which started to put confidence in me and make me realise I can hang with the big dogs! Also all the travel we do, it’s pretty sweet to ride your bike in all these places with your mates, especially when you’ve got the Flanagan’s, Josh Lewis and Iago Garay to do it with!

Mark Scott 2016 Santa Cruz Bicycles Enduro World Series Andes Pacifico

So for 2016 you have signed 2 years with Santa Cruz, dream come true?

Yeah, it’s pretty epic! Kind of crazy to join one of the coolest brands in the industry. It was hard to believe it until I flew out to California in December and then it hit me! Straight away it felt comfortable and more than relaxed, I like the way they work!

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Think the team mates and set up will help you push your results even further this season?

Yeah, I can’t see why not! The team is super chilled and it makes it awesome for travelling and having fun around the races. I know when it’s time to get serious and it’s up to me to go fast!

Mark Scott 2016 Santa Cruz Bicycles Enduro World Series Andes Pacifico

How is your fitness coming into 2016 ? Have you been training extra hard?

I wouldn’t say extra hard, I’ve always trained hard but it’s just way more structured and smart. I’m working with Alan Milway again for the 2nd year in a row and I think we are still building up and onwards! It’s good to have the support and resources from Santa Cruz and really take advantage of that. They have some of the best kit out there! Really looking forward to getting comfortable on my Hightower!

How did you get to know the guys at Roost?

About 5-6 years ago, I flew out to Malaga for a winter riding trip, staying at my grandads apartment. I knew there were mountains and that was about it. I had too get lost a few times and do a bit of online research to find any riding! Then I noticed these guys had just setup there new company and being English speaking it made it a no brainer to get in contact. They showed us around a bunch of sweet riding spots and we’ve been friends ever since! I always try head out there most winters, as its guaranteed sunshine and decent trails. Flights are cheap to! It’s quicker for me to get to Roost HQ in southern Spain than it is to get to Wales.

Mark Scott 2016 Santa Cruz Bicycles Enduro World Series Andes Pacifico

How did the video shoot go from your side ? How long did it take, any issues?

Yeah, went smooth, no issues apart from Milky’s fitness! I think we had it done in about 4-5 hours on the trail. I knew the trail was ideal for shooting so it was easy for us to get the goods.

Race/event you are most looking forward to in 2016?

The whole EWS circuit, can’t wait to get amongst those races and challenge the top 10! Just finished up here in Chile at Andes Pacifico with a 2nd, such an epic race!

Mark Scott 2016 Santa Cruz Bicycles Enduro World Series Andes Pacifico