Who the f-ck is Jeffsy?

Damn you YT Industries and your viral marketing stunt. We’ve fallen for it hard and we need to know what you’re up to. Who or what the hell is Jeffsy?!


YT have been teasing us through print and online ads and now this mysterious http://www.jeffsy.com/ website. The site hints at Jeffsy being something that will give you confidence, take up a load of your time, make you happy and (as the guy in the vid explains) you might just fall in love with. YT are promising jealous partners when the mysterious Jeffsy starts invading your life. He’s going to be (they claim) “your new best friend”.

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So – what is Jeffsy? A new bike? A new suspension platform? A new YT sponsored sex toy? Do you know? If so … can you let us know please?!