Hammered – Joel Anderson’s Corsair Konig review (with video!)

Here it is … after months of hammering it’s time for our Corsair Konig review.

Short on time? Hit PLAY on the video:

And the more in depth stuff …

We teamed the Corsair Konig up with Joel Anderson at the start of 2016. Since then he’s literally put hundreds of miles into the bike, using it to film F*ck You Get Pumped, shredding uplifts, pedaling around his local trails and sending it through his biggest, scariest, secret jumps. Here’s what he thinks of the bike …

DSC00737 (Custom)

The Corsair Konig is available in the UK via Resurrection Cycles.

  • Frame set price £1549,99
  • 650b and 26″ compatible
  • 6″ or 4″ travel (adjustable)

The Konig is designed to be a tough, mid-travel all-rounder that’s capable of everything your local woods can dollop out – short of the very biggest of features or the very toughest of all-day pedals. The bike is low, slack and tough and has stood up to some very, very serious abuse this year. 

Who’s this bike for? It’s not necessarily designed for big, all day rides and it isn’t an all-out downhill or enduro race bike. It’s for all of that fun stuff in between where you want just enough travel to go hard whilst keeping the bike playful and easy to chuck about. If you ride a bit of uplift, a bit of pedaling, you want to have more fun on the way down than the way up … and you don’t need a lightweight whippet then it’s a great one to consider.DSC00724 (Custom)

Here’s what Joel has to say about the bike:

Wideopenmag: So Joel, what are your impressions so far?

Joel: So far this bike has blown me away. Corsair have built a truly solid bike willing to take anything you throw at it be it a uphill sprint or a road gap that’ll give you sweaty palms. The strong build combined with the light feel of this machine boosts your confidence out on any trail or in any park. It’s a true all rounder.

What does it do really well?

The Konig is a bike that does not want to be on the floor. If you enjoy airtime as much as I do this is your dream! Furthermore the Konig will boost you from any berm at mach 5, the Float X shock, Pike fork and Atomlab wheels work in harmony to project you into next week. The Konig is like Collie puppy who pings from wall to wall, in the air, sideways, upside down, round in circles if you hold on it’ll take you on the ride of your life. You’ve just got to hold on.

DSC00720 (Custom)

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What does it not do so well?

Being such an all rounder the Konig has very limited issues. The short rear end means manuals and wheelies are easy however also very easy to loop out and it’ll throw you off the back in the blink of an eye. That’s easily tamed by the Sram Guide rear brake which has an incredibly soft touch but powerful caliper.

How would you describe the ride of the bike?

Corsair have built the most playful bike I’ve experienced. It’ll bring a smile to your face each and every time you think about it. The Konig is the Mazda MX5 of bikes (agreed by many as a true driver’s car!). It makes me feel like that little kid again, running out of school on a Friday to go ride my bike.

DSC00750 (Custom)

Have you had any maintenance issues?

As far as maintenance issues go I’ve only had one. I rode this bike hard and only once the bolts on the drop outs allowing you to adjust the length of the rear end came undone and made the wheel rub on the chain stay. 30 seconds with a multi tool soon fixed it and it returned to normal. It hasn’t happened since.

Are you looking for one of Corsair’s Bikes here in the UK?

Resurrection Cycles are the distributor for Corsair Bikes in the UK. They sell direct to customers and can supply frames or complete bikes with custom builds. They’ll also have spares and support for Corsair’s older bikes. You can read our interview with Resurrection Cycles here.

The Corsair Konig is sold in the UK via Resurrection Cycles. The frame comes with a Fox Float X shock and costs £1549.99.