The DMR Ex enduro gets the thumbs up from us.

The DMR Ex is a multi-stage, multi-day enduro race in Exmoor.

2015 saw us invited to a mini test event and 2016 sees the first proper race on 16-18 September.

Here’s why we think it could be the best race of 2016.

20150909_184124_DMR_EX_Test_1. Exmoor is Excellent

You’ve probably never ridden your bike in Exmoor. There’s no trail centres as such and it’s pretty untapped. Rest assured, it’s bloody brilliant.  If you like big days out, big hills, big descents and big skies – trails that lead to the coast line, galloping across moor-land one minute and tight loamy technical the next then you’re in for a treat.

We’ve been exploring the area for a couple of years now and it just keeps on firing out gems.


2. The best tea stops ever

The test event put on frankly the best feed-stations I’ve ever seen. In fact, it seems rude to call them “feed stations” when you’re being served home made sponge cake, fresh pots of tea, cream teas and sandwiches from organiser Mike’s front garden – all made by his wife and friends.

Exmoor Eduro paulbox © please credit paulbox©

3. Uplifts!

We’ve long learned that Exmoor isn’t the place for hangovers and tired legs! If you want a big day out you’re going to have to sit your ass in the saddle, click into that 44t and spin.

Luckily, the race organisers at the Ex are putting on one uplift a day, first thing in the morning, to help you up the biggest, nastiest climb of the day. Sure, that’s not very “enduro” but you’ll get a huge descent to start the day and you’ll be very, very grateful.

certainly was after a few too many beers on the test event …

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4. It’s NOT the biggest race ever

Entries are limited to less than 100. From our test-event the race had a much more “riding with your mates” vibe than any other race I’ve been to. Everyone shared a beer round the fire at the camp in the evening, got to know each other and had a laugh as a big group of riders. There was no queuing, no pressure and no race stress. It was just good fun on bikes in the hills. We’re really hoping that the organisers can pull that off again for the main event.

5. The trails

Not to blow too much smoke up Exmoor’s ass … but those trails really are great. There’s a fantastic mix of riding from flat out to steep and tech. Everything has a wonderful habit of being very rideable and suddenly much tougher when you try to light it up in your timed run.  Generally everything is pretty un-hammered, the trails are fresh and there’s loads of loam. We’re big fans.

How to enter the DMR Ex enduro?

There’s a few entries left for the DMR Ex Enduro. Head over to the homepage to get signed up.

If you make the race – good luck! See you there!