Reviewed: Dirty Dog Edge Photochromic glasses


Dirty Dog Edge photochromic glasses

  • £44.99
  • Photochromic lens
  • Available in 10 combos of frame and lens colour
  • More info here.
  • For sale here.

Tested by: Team Wideopenmag’s James Farrow.

With summer leaving town faster than a wig in a hurricane it might seem odd to feature sun glasses … But winter means mud and with mud, of course, comes the battle to keep your eyes muck-free. If a mud guard alone isn’t doing the job you might want to add a decent pair of glasses to your winter kit-list.

The Dirty Dog Edge brings together a plenty of to-be-expected features but is most interesting because of its photochromic lens. When the trails get darker, the lens loses its tint. When the sun shines, the lens tints. Ideal, in theory, for those winter days where the sun is low and the trails are splattery.

The frame is also light and comfortable, there’s a rubber nose-bridge to hold them in place in crappy conditions and the lens is shatterproof and scratch resistant. They’re also nice and light and don’t have that intrusive feel you get with a bigger, chunkier spec.

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In practice we’ve found the Dirty Dog Edge to work really well. An evening ride up into the Llangollen hills above the British Downhill Series treated us to a bright, low end-of-the-summer sun and lots of jetting in and out of dark trees from dark to light to dark.

The lens, true to Dirty Dog’s promise, reacted nicely to the light and flicked from tint to mostly clear quick enough not to interfere with riding. The lens never goes totally clear in the light but brightens up well enough for all but the darkest of woods.

Dirty Dog might not be the most on-trend name on the track – but if you want good value and comfortable optics that will keep your eyes safe in changing light, these will do the job.

You can buy Dirty Dog Edge glasses here.