My Favourite 15 Photos of the Year: Pete Scullion.

Pete Scullion’s top 15 photos of 2016

A photographer takes thousands of images in a year … and we’ve asked a few of our regular photographers to pick their top 15 from 2016.

First up was Jacob Gibbins, our original Wideopenmag photographer. Next up is Pete Scullion – our Web Editor but also a strong photographer in his own right and the man you want with you if you’re adventuring in big, wild, Scottish mountains. Pete’s work gets published on Wideopen but also in various titles like Eskapee, MBR, Singletrack and more.

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Here’s Pete’s top 15 of 2016:

Working with Mr. Joe Barnes is never boring. A keen eye for a shot and the skills to pull it off, plus the landscape of Glen Nevis makes this one a winner.
As above. Same rider, different day. This shot was Joe’s idea, one he’d had in his head for a while. I was more than happy to have him hit this moraine bank under Ben Nevis’ north face until he was happy.
Despite an impending abscess, I had never got a boat to ride a bike, and certainly not to the most remote place in Britain. A favourite more for the memories than the snap itself.
Ah, Ibon de Plan. As close to Yellowstone as you can get in Europe. The coldest night of my life also happened to be one of the most beautiful. Full frame cameras can’t half pick out the stars!
Paloma and Peregrina, Trekking Mules’ faithful beasts were our bikes’ uplift following our camping under the stars. Can’t help but feel that one of them has just cracked an awful joke.
Autumn colours in full effect. Getting to grips with the new camera’s self-timer produced this number. It was also the first proper ride after concussing the living daylights out of myself a fortnight earlier.
Torridon. On our annual birthday expedition to the Highlands, myself and Rosie have been blessed with nothing but glorious weather. Dashing through one of the many burn crossings on the way to Bealach Ban.
Rosie charging down the sandstone slabs to Achnashellach. A favourite descent under sunny skies can’t be beat. Plus Rosie ‘Airtime’ Holdsworth sports a rare two wheels off the ground moment.
A selfie at Beinn Damph Forest. Nothing beats Highland singletrack that weaves its way through ancient Scots Pines. The light here is pretty much perfect.
Timelapse mode on a GoPro can allow you to pick some amazing single shots for posterity. Of the hundreds of ascents I’ve made up Ben Lomond, this has to be the best. Another selfie.
As soon as Andy Smith had mentioned this slate cavern full of water, I had the idea for this shot in my head. Yes, I had to get my feet wet then wait for the water to settle, but I got exactly what I was after.
My first real shot that considered framing and depth of field that actually worked properly.
Matt Walker knows how to blow up a corner even on an e-bike. This shot screams summer to me. Shot at the Dudes of Hazard slalom, Fort William.
There is nothing but 110% attack for ‘Sketchy’ Lachlan Blair, this shot goes some way to capturing that. Almost broadside, but still ready to smash the shit out of the next turn. Dudes’ Slalom again.
Who doesn’t love a Spitfire? Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vb, AB910 ‘Peter John1’ with D-Day Invasion Stripes in a high speed banking turn accompanied by the thunder of a 27-litre supercharged V12. I wanted a blurred propeller, but this guy was moving at 300mph+, slow the shutter and smash the aperture up and boom!

You can follow Pete’s excellent Instagram feed here.