Ratboy and Loosedog’s Beaconventure is the best video we’ve seen all year.

It’s funny how things go in circles eh?

Way back in the day it was all about big kooky XC rides. Then we were all into freeride. Suddenly we all wanted to be Sam Hill and it was all about beating the clock and we wouldn’t be seen dead clocking up the miles.

Roll forward a few years and riders are starting to strike out into the hills again. They’re out exploring wild spots, discovering places outside of carefully cut lines and manicured bike parks. It’s about big rides, smiles over miles, adventure and having a blast.

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It’s no surprise. Things move in tides, trends ebb and flow. As riders we search for the new thing, a fresh trail, variety. Sometimes that new thing is something we’ve done before just on a different bike with a slightly different style.

Rat and Loosedog’s vid feels like the perfect ride – it’s absolutely bang on for what we’re all hunting for right now … but at the same time is exactly what we’ve all been out doing for years.

Maybe I’m overthinking things, it’s just a bike ride at the end of the day, right?