Introducing the new 661 Reset full face helmet

Hidden amongst Eurobike’s acres of eBikes, seen-it-before kit and chips n’ schnitzel was this little gem … the 661 Reset full face helmet.

The 661 Reset full face helmet is brand new and was launched this week at Eurobike (alongside all those eBikes…). It’s an affordable full face that’s designed to pack in as many features as possible whilst keeping the price below £100.

661 Reset features:

  • Super Lightweight ABS shell
  • Large angular vents increase cold air intake and he at exhaust flow through
  • Large sculpted eye port for great vision and goggle fitment
  • Complies to standards: CPSC, CE: 1078, AS/NZS 2064 Certification
  • Sizes XXS-XXL
  • £75

661 Reset full face helmet

The Reset helmet obviously isn’t a high-end, top-of-the-range full face but the price reflects that at just £75. That price makes it one of the lowest cost full face helmets around and – we reckon – one of the best looking for the money.

661 Reset full face helmet

Unlike many lower price helmets, the Reset has been designed from scratch. It hasn’t been bought from a catalogue or rebadged, it’s been built by 661 to bring together what they want from a helmet and to hit the price they want to sell it for.

For your money you get a choice of four colours, all of which look (we think at least) way classier than the price suggests.

The weight is a very respectable 1100g, which is pretty similar to considerably pricer helmets that will cost you three times the money.

There are 10 vents and an ‘enlarged eye port’ which has been designed to help with airflow and offer great vision and goggle fitting.

661 Reset full face helmet

Protection is obviously the most important thing for a helmet … and we’re pleased to see that the 661 Reset helmet meets the following standards: CPSC, CE: 1078 and AS/NZS 2064.

661 Reset full face helmet

There will be 3 shells spread as 44cm – 65cm in 7 individual sizes from XXS to XXL.

If you want one, 661 are expecting stock at the end of November 2017, distributed in the UK by Hotlines and available in local bike shops everywhere.

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