Canyon’s New Trail Weapon Launches December 11th.

Canyon aren’t giving away much, but you can read between the lines in their clips of Joe Barnes and The Dudes of Hazzard slinging it about the woods.

If you’re Canyon and you’ve headed north to Fort William to launch a bicycle, then you will no doubt be making use of a certain Mr. Barnes’ skills.

Our guess is an updated version of the kind of trail weapon everyone’s favourite rut hooferΒ  will wheel out of the garage every time.

We reckon there’s one of two bikes that Canyon will be releasing into the wild in December, and that is all based on the kind of bike Joe Barnes would be seen on.

Is there a new 140mm trail bike afoot? Ever since trail bikes were a thing, the Top Chief has been slinging them into ruts like they’re going out of fashion. Canyon’s current Spectral platform hasn’t had a refresh for three years, so our money is on this one.

The other option is a new Enduro World Series killer. There’s plenty of folk running 180mm forks at the EWS these days, and we reckon there’s a fair chance that something to either replace the Strive or lot in between it and the Torque might be afoot.

What’s your money on? Check out the Canyon teaser page here.

Keep an eye out for our interview with Joe Barnes in the next few days!

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