Intense are now selling direct to the UK… Here’s everything you need to know

Intense Bikes will now sell direct to its customers in the UK and will no longer use Saddleback’s network of dealers.

A press release landed this morning from the newly formed Intense UK and cleared up a few of our questions.

It promises some good stuff for riders included UK based support, free shipping and – yep – lower prices.

Intense UK

Intense will now sell to the UK via the Intense Rider Direct site at

They’re promising “more competitive and accessible retail prices, professional brand expertise and knowledge and the full offering of new and current models, colours and sizes”.

Intense UK will be based in the UK

Intense UK will be based in the UK, operating from (you guessed it) Saddleback’s HQ near Bristol.

The bikes will continue to be held in the UK, they’ll be assembled in the UK and all of your customer support, warranty and technical questions will be taken care of here in Blighty.

The Intense UK customer service phone number is 01454 550 343 or you can email on

Ride or Return

A really nice new feature from Intense is their Ride or Return programme. When you buy your new Intense you’ve got 14 days to ride it and then you return it if you don’t like it.

This should give customers a chance to try out their bike, make sure it’s right for them and sort it out if they’re not totally happy. If they don’t like it, they can send it back.

The T&C’s on the website simply state that the bike needs to be undamaged but fair-use wear and tear is acceptable.

Custom setup

All bikes will be set up for their rider’s weight and riding style before shipping. Your new bike will be ready to roll straight out of the box with no need to spend time fettling.

For anyone who likes a fettle, all bikes will come with a custom Intense tool kit and shock pump.

Fast dispatch, free shipping

It looks like Intense are also putting a lot of work into avoiding the “when are they going to be available?” hassles of buying online.

They say that they’ll only list bikes on their site that are in stock, shipping is free and bikes will be in the post within 24 hours of clicking ‘buy’ with a custom suspension set up.

… and pricing

Intense have always offered eye-wateringly pricey bikes… but does a direct sales setup make their bikes any cheaper?

Yep, it seems so.

Bikes will now be around 25 – 30% cheaper to the customer than before.

There’s a full range of specs and prices available from what Intense call ‘Foundation’ level right up to top-price ‘Factory’ spec.

You can expect to pay from £3,000 up to £8,000 for an Intense now they’re being sold direct.

Previously, a 2017 Intense Carbine Factory was £9,000 through a dealer. That’ll now cost you a grand less, at £8,000 when bought direct. The lowest priced Foundation bikes were previously £3,800 and are now £3,000.

  • Foundation bikes will cost £3000
  • Expert bikes will cost £3750
  • Pro bikes will cost £4899.99
  • Elite bikes will cost £6000
  • Factory bikes will cost £8000


And the bikes.

The full range includes five bikes, each available in various combinations of specs or as frames.

Intense ACV

The ‘Air Cushioned Vehicle’ is Intense 27+ wheeler with 130mm travel and space for 2.8″ tyres. It’s now available in Foundation and Pro specs.

Intense Primer

Available in Foundation, Pro, Elite and Factory.

29″ wheels, short stays, slack head angle, 130mm travel.

Intense Tracer

Available in Foundation, Expert, Elite and Factory.

The Tracer has 27.5″ wheels and 165mm travel. It’s built around the updated JS Tuned ‘Enduro Link’.

Intense Carbine

Available in Foundation, Expert, Pro, Elite and Factory.

The Intense Carbine runs 29″ wheels with 140mm rear travel. It’s designed around a 160mm fork up front.

Intense M16

The M16 is, of course, Intense’s downhill bike. We’ve been sending one all year at the hands of Veronique Sandler and also review it here.

The M16 has 27.5″ wheels, 215 – 240mm travel and is available in Pro and Expert specs.





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