We’re in Brunei racing the Asian Enduro Series!

Hello from sunny (and boiling hot!) Brunei in Borneo!

We’re here racing the Asian Enduro Series with Hutch and Christo in the start gate!

Our main man over at FunnMTB emailed earlier in the year asking if we’d like to come to the race. The answer was of course “bloody right” but we never quite thought it would come together. And then, out of the blue, we got an email from Kingdom Rides and Adventures asking for passport details, flight times and rider names for the start list. Next stop Brunei!

Where is Brunei?

Brunei is a tiny nation on the island of Borneo, in Asia. It’s full name is “Nation of Brunei, the Abode of Peace” and it’s just 5,765 km2  with just 417,000 people living there. It’s mainly very hot, damp and surrounded by rain forest!

The guys have literally just arrived so we’re still waiting on their first check-in on what they’ve found.

What’s the race?

Hutch and Christo are racing round 3 of the Asian Enduro Series – which is based throughout Asia.

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Fresh from a 16 hour flight the guys will race 7 stages over 2 days  through the jungle. The 2017 winner was a chap called Gabriel Amigo III who won’t return for 2018. Indonesian heroes Koko M. Padli and Yoris Sahara, as well as current points third position holder, Sangmok Lim from South Korea will be up against a field of fast locals and internationals. Obviously our guys are hoping to get in the mix too!

More from Brunei when we’ve got it!

Asian Enduro Series 2018 Royal Brunei from julian masters on Vimeo.