Exotic Alloy Flat Pedals – not exotic but that’s absolutely fine

CarbonCycles Exotic Alloy Flat Pedals. Grippy, good weight and a price that puts others to shame.


  • Extruded 6061 alloy flat pedals
  • Only 17mm at the thickest part
  • Concave faces
  • Weight 430 g/ per pair body
  • CNC machined Cr-Mo spindle
  • Twin sealed bearings
  • Size: 94x95x17mm
  • Replaceable pins  
  • Standard 9/16in thread size

The Exotic Flat Pedal is £33.79 and available online here from Carbon Cycles online store. It is, we think, the cheapest flat pedal we’ve tested at Wideopen with an alloy platform.

Despite the name, the Exotic Flat Pedal isn’t particularly exotic. It’s a classic flat pedal design that’s being sold online at a good price. We’ve got no problems with that at all.

There’s 10 removable pins on each side of each pedal, an alloy axle and alloy pedal body. The platform of the pedal is 94mm long and 95mm wide, and a very nice 17mm ‘deep’ helping with clearance over rocks and stumps. They weigh 430g per pair, which is exactly the same as a Nukeproof Horizon Pro pedal and 30g more than a DMR Vault

The pedal is easily serviced with a 6mm allen key and a 9mm socket set and the insides are a tough, no hassle design. You could strip and rebuild each pedal in less than 60 seconds if you were fancied a challenge.

There’s two end caps on the outside of each pedal that keep the dirt out, then a small bolt that attaches the axle to the pedal body. Two small bearings (with metal dust covers) keep everything spinning.

When they get stinking you can just clean them out, grease them and they should keep on going till destruction.

We chose black versions but they’re also available in Blue, Gold, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White and Yellow.

If you want something a little fancier, you can go for the Exotic Mag-Ti flat pedal which is £86.79 with a magnesium pedal body and titanium axle, reducing the weight down to 290g per pair.

On the trail the Exotic is the pedal you’ve probably ridden a thousand times. It doesn’t have a huge platform compared to the mighty DMR Vault but for all but the biggest feet, that shouldn’t cause a problem. The pins offer plenty of grip, can be removed to customise the ‘feel’ of the pedal and the subtle concave design offers a decent feeling of security.

Sure, they’re don’t have that big, deep, locked in feel of a Vault, a Nukeproof Horizon or a Burgtec… but they’re also at least a third of the price of most of those. If you’re used to a bigger, sturdier platform you probably will miss that stability but, if not, you’ll probably cope fine.

We think

Exotic’s Alloy Flat Pedals are anything but exotic. But that’s ok, they’re a solid and stable flat pedal that offers decent grip and a tried and tested a thousand times platform that does everything you need it to do.

We love:

  • One of the very best value alloy pedals available
  • Decent grip from a classic, tried and tested design
  • Quick and easy easy to service and maintain

Could do better:

  • Pins can’t be removed from the inside of the pedal body when mashed
  • Platform could be bigger and deeper to really compete with the big guns

You can visit CarbonCycles’ website here.