Wideopenmag teeshirts are back in stock (and now in big-dude sizes!)

We’ve just stocked up on Wideopenmag teeshirts and added a Double XL size to the options.

You guys said you wanted Wideopenmag teeshirts and who are we to say no?

We’ve just stocked up on a fresh batch of shirts and we’ve got them ready to ship straight out to you.

Alongside the usual small, medium, large and extra large sizes we’ve added double XL to the options to keep big dudes happy.

Buy your Wideopenmag teeshirt here.


We’ve also introduced a bundle offer that puts our Wideopenmag Granite frame strap and teeshirt together in one hit. Buying the bundle will save you a few quid over buying separately and get you two pieces of Wideopen merch straight to your front door.

Buy a Wideopenmag tee and granite strap bundle here.

You can check out all of our Wideopenmag merch over on our webshop right here.