Tested : Ben’s Muc-Off Pressure Washer Review.

Ben has been putting the Muc-Off Pressure Washer to the test to see if bike-specific power washers are better than the generic ones out there.

Can a bike-specific pressure washer be better than a hose when the dirt is still wet, or any one of the power washers available on the market right now? Ben tests the Muc-Off Pressure Washer to see if the hype is real.

  • Includes Pressure Washer, Bag, Snow Foam Lance, 1L Bike Wash, 1L Concentrate
  • Only jet wash designed specifically for bikes
  • Lower pressure lance attachment to spare bearings and seals
  • 1200W Motor
  • Mains power required
  • £119.99 RRP
  • Muc-Off.com

Washing bikes is a bit like Marmite. You either love it or hate it. Can the pink pressure washer from Muc-Off convert lifelong rider of dirty bikes, Ben that cleaning can be fun and quick?

The guys at Muc-Off sent us over the full pressure washer kit. It is made up of the actual washer which retails for £79.99 on its own and that includes the 3 lance attachments which I will explain later. This kit also has a fancy dry-bag to house your new toy and a couple of bottles of Muc-Off to clean your bike with.

Muc-Off claim this is the only jet wash made specifically for bikes and motorbikes and this may well be true. When you look past the flouro pink and marketing hype it basically seems to come down to the selection of lances, or guns as I call them. The actual pressure washer seems fairly standard, in a good way, and very similar to the Karcher K2 that I have at home in size and power. It is compact, solid feeling and plenty powerful, depending on which gun you use.

The 3 lances are clipped in a handy position on the side of the washer body. You have one called ‘Bicycle,’ one called ‘Motorcycle’ and a third ‘Muc-Off” branded adjustable lance. They are easy to clip on and off and all accessory attachment points seem sturdy and well built. The bike lance effectively lowers the water pressure to help preserve the life of bearings and seals on expensive mountain bikes.

The motorbike lance seems like a normal high pressure lance that you might wash your car, decking or motorbike with and basically performs the same as my Karcher K2 in my unscientific comparison on my patio.

Finally the Muc-Off lance can vary water pressure for different bike parts. You might want full pressure for getting crusty mud off your tyres and low pressure for your forks and shock and this lance lets you do that. The other attachment included in the full kit is a Snow Foam Lance that basically sucks Muc-Off from the bottle and then sprays it on your bike so it looks like has been to a late 90’s Ayia Napa foam party. It is actually quite fun, although the temptation to foam my wife was simply too great and now she won’t talk to me.

So, how does it perform?

Plug it in. Attach to a water source like a hose pipe or jerry can. Switch on and off you go. You are immediately aware that it is pretty noisy. Way noisier than a 12V or battery powered jet wash, but typical for a powerful mains operated unit. After that is does exactly what it promises and you can control how much pressure you want to use for different applications and bike parts.

With the bike lance fitted it will easily shift wet mud and debris immediately after a ride. without any need for a spray or brush. For dried on and more stubborn mud and grime, you will need to use a cleaning product and I found myself reaching for the motorcycle lance for its higher pressure output.

As I mentioned, it feels really well made and it is clearly a quality piece of kit. I don’t ever hold on to test bikes long enough to really test bearing longevity, but I am sure that this will help preserve them when compared to a pressure washer on max power. Having said that it is still more pressure than a hosepipe or my Aqua2Go mobile 12V jet wash, both of which do a great job of cleaning bikes and kit without the need for mains power and both of which should be even less intrusive to sensitive areas of your bike.

What do we think?

Clearly, the Muc-Off Pressure Washer works very well and is very slick in its presentation and function. Ultimately it all boils down to whether you actually need a jetwash?

If you need one for a wide variety of household tasks, including your bike, then this is a great option and you may as well give your money to a UK brand like Muc-Off who put back into MTB through sponsoring athletes. And, it’s pink.

We love:

  • Will do more than just clean your bike
  • Foam lance
  • More powerful than other bike washers

Could do better:

  • Foaming wife may lead to marital disputes
  • Noisy

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