Pete Scullion’s top photos from 2019.

A photographer takes thousands of images in a year… and we’ve asked a few of our regular photographers to pick their top photos from 2019.

First up is Pete Scullion, our web editor and writer and photographer for Wideopenmag, Singletrack, SPOKE, Dirt Rag and plenty of others.

Here’s Pete Scullion’s top photos of 2019:

Certain riders make taking pictures of them a joy. Joe Barnes is one of those riders. The skills on both sides of the lens to know how to make a shot look rad, usually at the first time of asking. Joe seen here charging off the top of Bealach na Sroine after a successful waterfall hunt.

That man again. You can’t chase waterfalls and expect to stay dry. Luckily, Joe is more than used to the liquid sunshine and was happy to get some spray behind his lugs.

Oh Norway… Norway had been on the list since forever and 2019 was the year I finally turned a wheel on its hallowed dirt thanks to the guys at Any Excuse to Ride. Riding in the fjordlands never loses its charm.

Ice shaped Norway and still does. You could look straight down on the town of Ulvik from up here, high above Hardangerfjord.

This is the kind of shot I’d had in my head for ages. High contrast courtesy of a strong August sun and a dark Norwegian pine forest. Lachlan Blair proving you can get air off anything.

Sometimes you see the best things while doing the run-of-the-mill. Mid-way through a 6-day Highlands adventure, I’d driven to Achnasheen from Kinlochewe to hotspot some 3G to do some work. While the internet was taking its time, I stood and watched the stars glide across the heavens.

When you get a call from Joe Barnes to say he wants you for the next Hazzard Racing video, you never know what might happen. This photo exemplifies that.

Merida Big.Trailtea

Known by many as The Flying Barn Door, you never get tired of seeing White Tailed Eagles. A modern day pterasaur, these things truly are winged monsters. I was lucky enough to see two together play on thermals on a lazy day bagging some more Munros.

After a more than a decade of heading to Fort William for the World Cup, 2019 was the first time I ventured up the hill to take photos. The Nikon D850 punishes sloppy pano technique and I’d butchered plenty until the Redcar Rocket showed up.

After a truly mental summer, Beinn Achaladair was the first time I stopped and just did nothing just for doing nothing’s sake. Having two sea eagles to watch certainly assisted the lack of motion, improved by the fact that I had the entire mountain to myself. Perfect.

Day 2 of our 6-day mega mission to ride the best of the Highlands, our trip to see the Lancaster bomber wreck under Beinn Eighe’s Triple Buttress sent the atmospheric meter through the roof. Best sandwich spot ever? Definitely.

Lower down the hill at the Fort William World Cup I decided to keep the pano game going. Charlie Harrison peeking through the spectators with the finish line in sight.

I had never seen ice as crystal clear as that at the foot of the Solheimajokull glacier in Iceland. As the light faded, the light from my phone transformed this lump entirely.

While I love shooting bikes, it’s always good to mix it up. On a grey day east of Edinburgh, the star of the show that managed to make it to this air show was this Mig-15.

There is almost nothing as superlative as catching the sky going green within reach of your house. With the apps pinging hard, I took a wander up the road and this is what came from the camera. Magical.

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