DarkFEST 2020 | Week One Build Update.

The DarkFEST dirt surgeons are back at Hellsend Compound in South Africa to fine tune some mammoth jumps.

Reynolds, Kaudela and Vink are on the ground and in the diggers, shaping what looks to be the most ludicrous DarkFEST line to date. Check in with the team on week one.

Photos by Eric Palmer.

Sam Reynolds, Clemens Kaudela and Nico Vink are back in South Africa and getting geared up for DarkFEST 2020. As usual these guys plan to make things even bigger and crazier than before and we can’t wait to see their plans unfold.

After a year facing the elements in SA the course has eroded away a bit in some places, but surprisingly enough a lot of it is still just about good to go! The main work will be on the rocket launcher, the last jump of the line and a new jump after that. So it’s lots of piling and the dump trucks have been tag teaming and dropping tonnes of dirt.

Watching these guys build is almost as good as watching them ride the line, Clemens and Nico are both like surgeons with these machines and almost no spade work is needed when they are done.

Only the smaller areas need a little raking and a little watering, but we are hoping for some rain to settle the dust and compact everything and looks like we might get lucky. In the meantime we are very grateful that the farm owners have saved their dirty grey water and allowed us to use that to compact a few key areas.

Lots of progress made this week and sure after next week most things will be polished up and almost ready for testing.

We are proud to announce Kenda and Bobcat as new partners and the guys are super stoked to have help from them and a big thanks to Monster Energy as always for fuelling the dream.

Keep an eye out for more DarkFEST updates as the build continues.

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