MTB Beds Brings You the Ultimate Guide to Morzine.

In the first in a series bringing you a comprehensive guide to some of Europe’s best riding resorts, MTB Beds brings you the ultimate guide to Morzine.

Morzine is one of, if not the, original French Alpine summer riding resort, and the guys at MTB Beds have brought you this no nonsense, comprehensive guide to getting the most out of your stay there.

You can check out what MTB Beds can offer you on their website here.

Where is Morzine?

Morzine is a small town in the Haute Savoie, situated only 1 hour’s drive from Geneva and very close to the Swiss border, it is the focal point that forms one of the biggest trail networks in the world, the Portes du Soleil. Developed to allow you to access the bike parks of Chatel, Champery-Morgins and Les Gets with one lift pass, as well as the back country on offer, you’ll find a trail to suit every riding style.

Morzine is a mountain biking mecca. One of the world’s best known and popular venues for mountain bikers, whether it is their first or tenth visit. With a huge variety of trails all accessible via chairlifts and a warm buzz surrounding the town in the evening it’s no surprise this has become a riders favourite.

How to get there?

Realistically, it’s drive or fly. Flying is the quickest option but has restrictions in baggage, timing and tends to be more on the expensive side dependent on group size. Driving is great if you have a few mates who are willing to share the journey, depending on the size of your vehicle you can bring more equipment, and are less constrictive with time. It does take a while though and unless there is more than 3 of you flying will probably end up cheaper.


Costs – £200 – £400 return per person (As of Summer 2019, including airport transfer)

Flying from the UK to Morzine is very simple, the majority of Airports in the country have direct flights to and from Geneva, the closest airport to Morzine. From Geneva you can then utilise one of the transfer companies such as Skiidy Gonzales to shuttle you to Morzine. If you’re within 2 hours of an airport in the UK, you’ll be in transit for around 6-8 hours.

Costs are the key when flying, with many airlines now enforcing a charge on bike bags it can be hard to find a good price. Easyjet charge £45 each way for flying with a bike bag. Airlines such as Swiss Air or BA do offer bikes as part of your luggage allowance so you could save some beer money here. The final leg of the journey is a transfer and Skiidy Gonzales offer this for £70 return.


Costs – £400 – £550 total return (As of Summer 2019)

Driving out is a great option as a group and can help to keep costs low, however it’s going to work out expensive and a bit of a slog if you are travelling solo. Drive time varies depending on where you start from in the UK and also if you choose to travel using the Ferry or Channel Tunnel. Due to a recent drop in demand for the ferry, prices have risen and now there is very little difference in the pricing:

Dover / Calais crossing return

£125 – DFDS Ferries / £190 – Eurotunnel (Standard Car)
£205 – DFDS Ferries / £194 – Eurotunnel (Van)

Depending on how far you have travelled in the UK, the Ferry can be a welcomed rest to split the journey up however it does take about 3 hours with loading and unloading times at each end. This compared with an hour on the train does add a chunk onto your journey.

Once across the pond, it’s 550 miles from Calais to Morzine, you can’t go wrong with the French motorways, the toll cost is €72.90 in total each way but presents you with clear motorways nearly the whole way down.

According to the AA fuel calculator (as of August 2019) going on a £1.40 per litre fuel cost, your total journey would cost £86.70, roughly 6p a mile.

This would bring your total costs of driving from Folkestone to Morzine to around £400 return depending on how savvy you are booking the best crossing.

Pro Tip: If you book two single day return tickets for the Tunnel it works out cheaper than a standard return, you can be penalised for not using the return leg of each ticket but this is very rare.


The Portes du Soleil (PDS) is one of the biggest bike parks in Europe and definitely the most diverse. With over 600km of trails and 19 bike-modified chair lifts it’s easy to see why. Whilst being renowned for it’s awesome downhill tracks, the PDS still has something for everyone from XC racers to downhillers and enduro riders, beginners to pros and families, the Portes du Soleil is developing every year.

Le Pleney

Le Pleney is found on the North side of Morzine, it’s where you’ll find some of the most famous, steep and challenging trails in the area. Although only having 4 main trails that run down Le Pleney, it has become infamous for it’s locally built single tracks of which there are 20+ individual and infinite combinations there of.

At just 600m vertical this hill packs in a lot of riding. it also has the luxury of staying open until 5:30pm a whole hour later than most other zones allowing you to clock more Pleney Bangers.

Pleney consists of two blues, a red and a black trail “Main line”.

Pro Tip: Le Pleney telecabine is the fastest lift in the PDS, at just over 6 minutes you’ll lap more here than anywhere else.

Pleney Singles

Many years of graft from the French natives, the many ex-pats that call Morzine home and the travelling circus of seasonnaires have created one of the most intricate network of downhill tracks found anywhere in the world. Branching off of Pleney’s mainline at every corner you can hit a different run each time and experience truly natural steep trails. The steep gradient brings an element of difficulty and requires some serious skills to master.

There is currently a push to legalise many of these trails, so if you see official signs warning you off, please respect them. The beauty of the Pleney singles is it’s continuous evolving nature both with trails getting rebuilt and new one’s emerging, meaning you can return year on year and find new trails to hit… if you can find them.

Main Line

If you imagine the Pleney trail network as an age old tree rooted into the mountains, the singles acting as the root system and Main Line forming the trunk you get a feel for how important this trail is to this hill. It is the track that has it all, from natural roots to flat out jumps and drops Pleney’s most filmed feature, the infamous 10%, running straight down the piste, huck, tuck or roll. Over the years there have been small changes of certain sections of the trail but the concept remains, a fast trail that will test even the fastest of riders.

Main Line is an immediate go to for the World Cup racers looking to dial in their setup either at the beginning or during the season and for good reason. With a start hut at the top of the hill and a variety of demanding terrain to test the bikes, it is the perfect test track. You’ll see Bruni, Seagrave, Minnaar, Pierron, Nicole, Masters and many others on a regular day here between events. How long will it be before we see a UCI World Cup in Morzine on Le Pleney? Who knows.

Super Morzine

Super Morzine is on the opposite side of the valley to Pleney, toward the purpose built ski resort of Avoriaz. With the many mountains in France being split into public and private ownership, trail building and planning is a delicate operation and as a result Super Morzine only occupies the top part of the mountain. Don’t let this discourage you as the trail crew from Avoriaz MTB have put in some serious man hours to create the perfect a perfect area for progression as well as pushing limits.

Pro Tip: Don’t be discouraged by long lift queues, they don’t last and riders spread out amongst the other riding zones throughout the day. Try an early or late lunch to avoid the crowds too.

Tutti Frutti

Built in 2014 Tutti Frutti is Super Morzine’s busiest trail. Graded blue in difficulty there are no gap jumps to be seen but this definitely doesn’t mean it’s not fun for all skill levels. You only have to watch the likes of Kade Edwards & Leo Sandler when they visit to see how this trail can be ridden. Running from the top of the chairlift right the way back to the lift station there is a really progressive feel as the switch backs get steeper and the jumps (tables) get bigger as you flow down.

The Widowmaker

You can’t mention Super Morzine without thinking of it’s biggest feature, the Widowmaker.

Visible from the lift this multi hit table has gone through many iterations over the years but one thing has always remained the same, this jump takes no prisoners. The high Kill-Death Ratio of this jump is not down to the shape or trail building but more it’s placement on the hill. Running off Super Morzine’s other Blue trail “ Cap Canaveral” this attracts a large amount of traffic and by law of numbers people unfortunately end up going big then going home.


Hattock trail started life as a local’s unofficial trail with loamy turns, gnarly root sections and some sketchy gaps throughout the trail. After years of secrecy, Brendan Fairclough’s section in 3 Minute Gaps seemed to be the end of Hattock’s time as a locals-only trail. The following year, year Hattock got the acknowledgement from Avoriaz MTB and was made official with some updated turns and was turned from a wild single track into a legitimate black trail.

Since then the trail has gone through many iterations and has kept with the trend of bigger is better, the addition of the Oakley Sender road gap and a couple of doubles gave the trail new life and with it new challenges. The locals of old will always reminisce over the old technical trails but in our opinion new features and good maintenance is ace.

Stand High Patrol

Built in 2017, Stand High Patrol is Super Morzine’s latest top to bottom trail and the unsung hero of the park. Situated over by the newly opened Seraussaix lift, the trail has a brilliant mix of options for both beginners and pros alike. Oakley have once again provided the goods with a great drop off feature which is a “must hit” for first timers to Morzine.

This side of the hill seems to elude many and stays smooth for most of the season, this is a lot to do with the brilliant maintenance that the Avoriaz MTB trails crew put in but also down to it’s trail entrance being uphill from the top of the Zore lift, words of blaspheme to the downhill holiday goer. This was one of the stand out trails of the year and is a firm favourite amongst the MTB Beds seasonnaires.


Chatel sits a couple of valleys over from Morzine and is situated right on the Swiss/French border. Despite its name the riding is actually based about 15 minutes away from the town in a place called Pre la Joux. Chatel has become a light to which all wannabe freerider moths young and old are drawn to.

Host to the Chatel Mountainstyle freeride contest for many years and more recently the Reboul Jam, the builders in the area to create some of the biggest features in the PDS along with some of the longest runs due to the elevation and their unique use of the valley.

Pro Tip: Pre La Joux is North facing, often in the shade and takes a long time to dry out after heavy rain.

Air Voltage

Although Chatel mountain style had it’s last hoorah back in 2012, this was not to be the end of big air and dirty wooden drops in chatel. With some careful planning and some crazy ideas being put into reality, Air Voltage was born. A series of drop offs increasing in size the whole way down, if you ride this track be prepared to send it. This trail has now become a classic of the PDS and if you are looking for that go big or go home moment, Air Voltage has no shortage of them.

Reboul Line

Named after the man himself Louis Reboul, the line was inspired from his jam session that has been held the past 3 years. In years past the line has been built exclusively for the event and then the majority of it has been closed, however this year that changed. The line has been adapted to make it so that mere mortals can get some air time and experience a true freeride line.

From wooden kickers with mulch landings to awesome rock nose bonk features it has been extremely popular among the locals. Due to the late arrival of the event in August the line wasn’t open for long but we are excited to see what 2020 brings with a full off season to design and build this awesome track.

Vink Line

Built by the man himself Nico Vink, the line has been inspired from his many years ripping turns and sending big jumps. Instead of berms you get walls of dirt to wall ride and some of the biggest tables around to clock those air miles. True to his style Nico has left plenty of opportunities to get creative, single hucks, doubles or triples, rollers and plenty of side hits to keep you with a smile on your face from top to bottom.

Unfortunately the trail has been graded a blue and the lower section a green, something we feel doesn’t really fit and gives people a false sense of security. The result can mean a high traffic line with people rolling the jumps and leaving braking bumps up the lips towards the latter part of the season so be wary when getting sendy on this one.

Champery – Morgins

Across the border into Switzerland you’ll Champery and Morgins Bike parks. Although smaller, both of these bike parks are incredibly well maintained and have produced some of the best trails in the PDS. Something to note about riding in Switzerland is the trail grading. Unlike the traditional colour system, Switzerland utilises a yellow/black grading for black trails and in general the trails are more difficult in Switzerland, with red trails having big road gaps etc.

Pro Tip: It’s around 2 hours to get to Morgins from Morzine by bike. Take a Day Trip with MTB Beds to maximise your ride time in Morgins.

Morgins bike park is a hidden gem, quiet and usually in pristine condition it’s situated just up the road from Chatel town across the border. The reason for it remaining so quiet is due to it’s difficult access. The trail crews here are incredible, headed up by Ben Walker and a team of insanely good French / Swiss locals, Vinny T anyone?

Getting to Morgins from Morzine requires a first thing lift up and over Super Morzine into the Linderet’s bowl followed by a long lift up to Mossettes up to a whopping 2777m. Once there you must follow a series of left and right turns down to the lift station (see link for guide). Champery is a little easier to get to, by heading straight from the Mossettes lift, down the legendary Swiss National track (Les Grande Coche), and up the opposing side of the valley.

Pro Tip: Don’t ride over there with thunderstorms forecast, a closure of Mossettes means a long push or expensive taxi.


La Tobogane

One of the most iconic runs in Morgins and has become a Pro favourite for the 2019 season with George Brannigan & Neko Mullally smashing the awesome switchbacks and gaps that run top to bottom on the steep hillside. Morgins is not a place for beginners but a day hitting turns on this hill is like a month anywhere else and is great for building confidence.

Le Madze

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Another of Morgins awesome trails, it peels off from the top, riders left, with some insanely high speed berms to begin, before turning back on itself into the woods where the turns tighten and it gets more technical. The steepness of the hill does mean that as you descend things start to get a little more hectic finishing with an awesome flat out jumpline back to the lift station.

Le Crosets

Les Grande Coche

Les Grande Coche, also known as Swiss National, is a black run that snakes it’s way down the backside of the French/Swiss border. It’s one of the fastest in the PDS, based on rock at top and progressing into dirt, there’s plenty of wide open turns and flyoff’s making it real feel good trail if you’re full of confidence. It’s stunning backdrop of the Dents du Midi also making it great for photo opportunities.


World Cup Track

If you’re a downhiller and haven’t heard of this legendary track then you should hang up your Five Tens. Steep, fast and technical it’s a must ride and conquer on any visit to the area.

It’s changed since the first World Cup in 2007 blew minds. It maybe a little tamer but it’s still one of the world’s true downhill tracks. Check out the linked track check, Sam Hill’s legendary performance in 2007 as well as our man Danny’s winning 2011 World Championships run if you need reminding or convincing of this hills greatness.

Les Gets

Les Gets is possibly the most famous cycling location in the PDS. Holding the UCI World Cup back in 96, 98, 99, 00, 02 and the World Championships in 2004 (Steve Peat’s infamous bail near the line), as well as 3 Crankworx tour stops, Les Gets certainly has a pedigree for MTB. More recently Les Gets has made a return to the WC scene bringing the old school Mt Chery course back to life drawing huge crowds to the town for 2019, through to 2021.

Sitting at 1100m with the most mellow hillside Les gets has fast become the ultimate place for beginners to ride their bike. With an awesome skills park that sits just below the main Chavannes lift and a great array of green & blue trails it is a firm family favourite.

Pro Tip: Mont Chery is always quiet

Chavannes – La Route Libre (Main Line)

Photo courtesy of Sven Martin.

Starting just off the top of the Chavannes lift, this red trail is flat out from top to bottom with a mix of tables and doubles the whole way down. This is a must ride for anyone who visits the PDS, truly an OG trail. Despite heavy traffic and the resulting craters that we call braking bumps, this is great fun for the mid level rider to your World Cup pro.

For 2019 the trail got a reshape on the lower section adding some great new turns and wood sections helping to slow some traffic and keep those braking bumps to a minimum. The track is 2.8km in length and descends a respectable 490m vertical taking roughly 6 minutes top to bottom.

Tomahawk Trail

A new trail in 2017, Tomahawk is an MTB Beds staff favourite and the first trail we ride when the season begins in June. With awesome flowy berms and well shaped tables this blue trail is a great place to practice your scrubs & whips. This trail at current runs alongside mainline and finishes just before the cattle grid at the first fireroad. If we could ask one thing of the guys at Les Gets bike park it would be to extend this trail.


MTB Beds

Born in 2012 MTB Beds has grown to become the leading provider of Mountain bike holidays across Europe. With roots in Morzine, the MTB Beds Riders Weeks package, has been fine tuned over the years and keeps getting better. Whether it’s a solo mission or big group holiday, MTB Beds have an accommodation to match your every requirement. Anything from self-catered properties to fully catered packages all of their offerings are MTB specific.

Riders Weeks package

The MTB Beds Riders Week package is the definition of a mountain bike holiday. The important part of any holiday is in the name, a break from a busy life and time to relax. From booking advice, getting you picked up from the airport, lift pass paid for and ready to go, a mechanic on site and staff on hand to answer any questions and deal with any issue.

To stunning food cooked by a professional chef, MTB Beds removes all the stresses & strains that can surround a holiday allowing you to concentrate on the important part, riding. Priced at £589 per person for 2019 with your flights on top this is a great value option.

Other additions to the package include Peaty’s bike wash area, Day Trip service, Five Ten, DMR and Fox demo centre as well as a shiny fleet of Transition hire bikes, hook ups with Yellow Jersey Insurance for piece of mind and of course a hot tub for post ride relaxation. If it’s your first time exploring Morzine and the surrounding areas no need to worry, all the MTB Beds staff are well versed in the best trails to ride depending on preference and ability.


If catered isn’t your thing or you are looking for a more private space and doing things under your own agenda then MTB Beds also have an array of self catered properties scattered around Morzine. From cosy two person apartments to 10 person chalets MTB Beds has a roof to cater to your needs and all equipped for a week’s riding in Morzine. You can also dial in to our in house mechanic and Day Trip services, as well as great rates on lift passes and our resort team on hand for anything you need.

This is a solid option if you have been to Morzine before and know where you are going both on the trails and in the town, and don’t want to end up locking your bikes in the van or washing them in the bathtub. If you are a first timer, the Riders Week’s package would be the go to holiday package.


If you’re not wanting to do a full week in Morzine, perhaps a long weekend or you are looking to extend your stay, a hotel is the best option. Offering a B&B or Half board the quality and services provided by Hotel Fleur de Neiges is up there with that of the Riders Week’s package.

MTB Beds have partnered with these guys, just across the road from the flagship Riders Week chalet giving you the ease of contact with staff throughout your stay. The guys at the hotel are old school hoteliers and know how to look after a client, throw in a beautiful garden and outdoor pool and you’ve got yourself a vacation.

Bike Shops

Due to Morzine’s strong skiing background it has a strong retail infrastructure with a host of ski rental and retail shops. Many of these then make the conversion to Mountain bike shops in the summer, this number in recent years has increased significantly with the rise in popularity of bikes in the summer.

If you ever have any questions about the quality of the mechanics in these shops you only have to look at the likes of Jason Marsh, Nigel Reeve & P.A who are now mechanics on the World Cup circuit having previously been on the spanners in Morzine.

The Woods

Set on the prime real estate that is the Rue de Bourg, The Woods is a classy experience, stocking brands such a Fox clothing & Transition bikes there is no shortage of quality gear on sale or for rental. For all the latest threads and gear be sure to check these guys out –


Torico is a British run bike shop in Morzine, opposite Bar Robinson on the Rue de Bourg. With one of the largest stocks of hire bikes, these guys have a range of both enduro and DH bikes from Saracen & Nukeproof. They also happen to employ the fastest local in town and our guide in Finale Ligure, Lee Huskinson (fastest man in Morzine & King of Pleney)



Whilst many visit Morzine for the Bikes or Skiing, the Haute-Savoie region of the alps also has a great gastronomic experience explored through its many restaurants. Famed for it’s raw meat cooked over hot stones, Raclette, Tartiflette and Fondue cheese dishes if you choose to explore Morzine’s local eateries we highly recommend you try these dishes.

Le Bec Jaune

A superb micro brewery and also where you’ll find some Morzine’s best eating. Le Bec Jaune has grown massively in popularity with locals and tourists for their in house beers and their healthy take on pub food. If you are looking for somewhere for some chilled beers after your days riding this is the place to be. Although their menu is quite small there is a good variety of dishes from French staples, some global hits, with vegan friendly options and house made (bun too) burger and fries.


Many will have heard of the infamous Opera nightclub in Morzine, if you haven’t it is probably a good thing. It is however worth knowing about te restaurant found above it, L’Etale restaurant, a favourite if you are looking for a solid dinner to please most palates. They are extremely busy during the peak season so we highly recommend booking ahead if you are in a big group. They have a decent menu with French bistro classics, pizza and meat on hot a plate known as pierre chaud costing €26 per person.

La Rotonde

L’Etale’s upmarket sister serves solid French classic in pleasant surrounds. A lovely garden terrace and decking area, it’s bright and airy inside, a bit more alpine lodge inside. A great place for date night and solid steak cookery.


If you are looking for a burger, our friends over at O’Chalet do some of the best around and are situated right in the centre of town. If you are really hungry, their Farmer burger contains all the protein you could want to keep up the gains. If you are in the mood for something lighter and slightly more French, they also serve up some amazing Savoury crepes.

Cuisine 22

With Mama’s closing down at the end of 2017 there were a lot of scratching heads as to what would replace it. Enter Cuisine 22, a healthier take on Mamas offering Fusion style food along with oven cooked pizzas. With a fast in and out service this is a great option for dinner if you aren’t in the mood to cook. Prices vary but you are looking at around €13 for a meal.


For those looking to press send on the evening and get some partying done, Morzine has an abundance of good bars open till the early hours of the morning. There are very few of us that can drink into the night and back it up the next day on the bike…..stay safe out there kids.

Cafe Chaud

A bar turned nightclub, Cafe Chaud is the place to be for live dj sets and wild times. Open from 8pm – 2am every night it is the spot most likely to see a party. Local Dj’s play their sets throughout the week and most key events in Morzine end in Chaud. It also has the added benefit of a ping pong and pool table, the perfect accompaniment to any drink before the covers come on and things get saucy. Hidden away near the top of the Rue de Bourg you can stumble your way up from Roger’s or Bar Robinson to continue the sesh on into the night.

Chez Roger

Home to local legend and all round big dog of Morzine Roger Mandin, Roger’s bar is always busy and where many of the seasonaires congregate. Mid way down the Rue de Bourg, it has a great array of beers, wines and spirits. A big night in Rogers usually includes many beers topped up by Roger’s favourite shot of that day to keep you fuelled into the night. As a first timer to Morzine this is a must visit.

Bar Robinson

There is something special about this joint. Only serving Mutzig Old Lager, at 6.9% it’s a creeper. Open from 4-8pm if you end up sitting down you may struggle to get back up. Mutzig Old Lager is famously strong and there have been many to take on the Mutzig challenge of 10 pints in 4 hours. Trust us, nobody is a winner in that contest and you are almost guaranteed to be written off for at least a whole days riding, if you are not then you have a problem. Again situated down the Rue de Bourg the inviting wood clad decking is a great place to enjoy a much earned post ride beer.


The end of your night, L’opera only opens it’s doors at 1am and closes them again at 5am. Usually by this point more alcohol isn’t needed but if you do end up with a credit card in there be careful. Drinks are insanely expensive and the floor reminds you of a 1960’s kitchen and then there’s the cage… don’t ask us why but the cage is the best thing in this club. What more can we say, if you end up in here you have probably had a great night and won’t remember very much in the morning.


Morzine is not only a mountain bike paradise it is an activity hotspot with a huge variety of alternative activities for those days off the bike if you so wish. From white water rafting, canyoning, zip wires, skate parks and Olympic-size swimming pools there is something for everyone.

Paddle Boarding or Kayaking on Lac de Montriond – €15 per hour

Lake Montriond (Lac de Montriond on signs) is an area of outstanding natural beauty just a short pedal or drive out of Morzine, or in fact on the way home if you heading down the valley from Les Lindarets after a ride. Most mountain bikers know it as a place to chill and take a dip after a day on the hill, but from 9h-16h everyday in the summer months you can also rent a paddle board, kayak or canoe from the office based in the structure at the Morzine end of the lake.

White Water Rafting – From €40 – €60 per person

We’ve all seen the photos, rafting in Morzine is a helluva good time. Negotiating the rocks, dropping through the rapids and pushing your mates off the side. Our partners at Frogs rafting will kit you up with everything you need for the day, including an English speaking guide who knows all the best spots to stop for a good size cliff jump to practice those back flips.

You’ll be away for a good 2 hours on the water, and you can take it as easy or as rough as you like, it’s gets better in the heavy rain so a great detour if you’re in a Morzine wet week and want to do something rad for the day instead of getting muddy.

Via Ferrata – from €45 per person kit and guide included

Scared of heights? Best stick to the bike if so. If you’re not this is an incredible way to view the mountains surrounding you. With multiple tours of varying length and difficulty surrounding Morzine in both Avoriaz and St Jean D’Aulps, it’s one of the best ways to get a new profile pic or get some adrenaline off the bike.

A Via Ferrata is best described as a mix of rock climbing and walking, you rope in and scale precarious ledges and drops, with use of climbing frames and ladders. It may not be the Hilary Step but it’s high and it feels it every step of the way.

There are just a few options for extra activities in Morzine, check out the link for many more and all the info you could need.


A key consideration when it comes to any holiday are the costs. From lift passes to bike parts and food, it soon all adds up so to help you in your calculations find our costings ( as of September 2019) for all things Morzine


Lift pass – €112 Adult / €84 Child 6 days*
Food and booze – Anywhere from €25 – €200 per day depending on the send*
Travel costs – £250pp estimate
Transfers Skiidy Gonzales – £70pp return
Accommodation – £100pp – £500pp (pot luck on bike storage and facilities, or sleep in the van like a gypsy and wash in the cold river)
Spare bike parts


MTB Beds

MTB Beds Riders Week’s Package – £589pp (includes transfers + lift pass + Half Board Accom)
Travel costs – £170pp estimate
Beer money – €Your call
Spare bike parts

Bike Choice

We recommend a minimum of 160mm travel for coming to Morzine. With modern geometry, downhill casing tyres and decent, freshly-bled brakes the modern enduro bike is more than capable of the trails in Morzine and also makes the minimal pedalling across to Chatel a little easier. If you struggle a little with arm pump or just want to plough down the trails, nothing can beat a full DH rig. With the downhill bike seemingly less and less popular with UK riders consider renting a decent downhill bike from Morzine bike shops.

Guiding Services

Steven Ponting has been part of the scene in this area since before many reading this were even born, having moved here as a teenager in the early 2000’s. He’s one of the only fully French recognised guides and coaches in the area that isn’t French. Scottish born and a shredder on the bike, his wealth of knowledge in the trail network is incredible, he’ll take you way off the beaten path.

He’s also a great coach so anyone looking to brush up on technique should dial in. All ages, levels and styles of riding can be accommodated by him and his outpost of MCF, the Les Gets Bike School.

Videography & Photography

iPhones and GoPros do so much of the work for us these days. That maybe OK for Instagram, YouTube and Tinder but what are you going to show your grandchildren when they ask what you used to get up to? A pro media man is worth taking out for a couple of hours with your best riding friends to capture your steeze in all its HD glory.

Hit up MTB Beds for a hook up with their media guru Scott Windsor.

Essential kit checklist

  • Bike. prepped, bled, serviced and cleaned. MTB Beds and the local bike shops can look after these jobs for you when you get to Morzine but it’s always good to know your steed is ready to shred.
  • Insurance. Your EHIC won’t cover much and it certainly won’t help after Brexit. Yellow Jersey can cover you, your bike and your whole holiday. Get it done through MTB Beds.
  • Helmet and goggles. If you’ve crashed in it and bashed your noggin, if the lenses are dull and scratched, replace.
  • Riding Kit. Three sets will cut it, a muddy day can write a whole set off no worries.
  • Riding Shoes. Vans are for skating and pubbing, get yourself some decent riding shoes and you’ll never look back.
  • Spare derailleur hanger & bolts. If it’s rare, buyer direct or boutique, it’ll be hard to find or get shipped in time to save a holiday. If it’s got a chance of breaking or going missing and it’s hard to get, find and pack it before you travel.
  • Decent tea. Unless you’re staying with the best you’ll find it hard to come across a good cuppa.
  • UK plug adaptors. You all forget.

Brands you’ll find in Morzine

You’ll struggle to find parts or spares that aren’t on this list. CRC and competitors orders run on 1 – 3 days shipping.


Fox Head, 100%, Troy Lee Designs, Royal Racing, Nukeproof, Oakley, Patagonia


Transition, Nukeproof, Devinci, Saracen, Scott, Commencal, Specialized and Santa Cruz


Shimano, SRAM, Fox, Rock Shox, Hope, Formula

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