We’ve taken a peek into the looking glass and bring you what we think will be old news by the time 2021 rolls around.

2019 was definitely a year to remember, but what does the future hold? Our Wideopenmag staffers have looked into their respective crystal balls to see what they can see coming in 2020.


Belgian conga

Martin Maes to win the EWS overall.
Despite almost losing a quantity of his own leg in New Zealand, then being stung with a ban for a masking agent, Ben’s sure Martin Maes can right that wrong by taking the first EWS overall win from Sam Hill in three years.
It won’t be all that easy though. Sam Hill won by being ruthlessly consistent, rather than going for outright wins. Will having missed the middle half of the 2019 season affected his race speed any? Only time will tell.


This year is the first year of the E-Bike EWS with a few rounds across Europe.
I predict that the races will be won by light weight XC type riders who can get maximum benefit from the motor assist on the climbing stages.
Those bikes might well be something along the lines of Specialized’s recently announced Turbo Levo SL, the first eBike to come in under the 40lb mark. With more experience, bike companies are throwing more resources at bringing the weight down for eBikes. Most of this will be in the battery and motor no doubt.

All wagon wheels

27.5″ bikes are going to become more rare as the industry gradually tries to force us all to ride 29″. Are we likely to see the death of 27.5 in the near future?
If we are to believe that competition drives trends in the bike industry then you could certainly say that 27.5 might not have long to live. Sam Hill was once disparaging of 29ers then won a record third EWS title on his Mega 290, second place Florian Nicolai was rocking big wheels too. In downhill, both Bruni and Pierron battled 2019 out on big wheels, and cross country has been sold on the 29ers for a long old while now.



Sam Hill will make it 4 in a row at the EWS.

The quiet Aussie made an unprecedented third Enduro World Series win in 2019 and there’s every chance that he can do it again.

Martin Maes’ suspension for a masking agent threw a massive spanner in his season and opened the door for Hill to take the title from Nicolai at the last minute.


Ben Cathro announced before Christmas that 2020 would see him make a return to World Cup racing after a near decade hiatus.

Cathro is going to make a dent at the World Cup this year. I see a top 30 in there from him once again. Maybe better. Provided he gets the points to race or a BC jersey.


Gymnasium yet again upped the ante for how good you can make a riding video and bring a unique twist into things.

Danny Mac will break the internet again with some unthinkable story line and plenty of amazing riding. I’m certainly hoping so anyway…

Dave K

Fresh blood

Vali Holl will win the overall women’s DH.

With Atherton, Seagrave and Pompon all returning from injury and the young Austrian coming into the year fresh off the back of another stellar Junior season, she’ll be gunning to show the top girls what she’s made of.

Rule Britannia

There will be a British DH Overall Champion (can’t decide between Danny and Laurie, but I am tending towards Laurie).

2019 saw both Brits back at the sharp end, and consistently so. 2020 will see a little more resolve and no doubt some more speed. Will we see these two battling it out for the overall win come Les Gets in September?


rhyd-y-felin british downhill series

Sam Hill Nukeproof Enduro Pedaltea

The British downhill racing scene will have a rebirth. There is a great series of events and locations, plus Si Paton’s team are doing the National Champs, which is sure to be a great event.


North of the Border

The British Enduro Series will have more Scottish riders contesting the series.

Now having proven itself to be worthy of the national title, the BNES will see more Scottish pinners making the trip south through the year to compete on the national stage.

MTB Rules

Pumptrack World Champs will see greater mountain bike contingency.

More often than not, the BMX contingency at these events has been high, but with the proliferation of pumptracks going in around the world, there’s no doubt we’ll see more suspension and bigger wheels at the champs in 2020.

Not Wagon Wheels

Nukeproof Mega 290 Worx

Sam Hill will switch back to 650b wheels.

The Silent Assassin has won EWS titles on both wheels, and with the 29er experiment over, Christo is sure he’ll move back to the smaller hoops. Not that it will change his utter domination…


Looks like a Trek…

Katy Winton will take her first EWS win.

A year out for the Scottish pocket rocket will see her back with a vengeance a little wiser and a whole lot faster. Before she suffered multiple concussions, Winton was one of the few riders bothering Ravanel and Cordurier consistently. We reckon she’ll get the better of the French in 2020.

Smoking dope

Anyone caught doping in enduro will have the book thrown at them.

At least they bloody well should. Riders need to know that this is not road cycling. Anyone exasperated with road’s inherent inability to snuff out doping shouldn’t have to suffer piss poor excuses for tainted steak or inhalers in mountain biking… If you’ve been caught, serve the ban, don’t dope again and you might be forgiven. Preferably just don’t dope.

We IOC you

Keyboard warriors might take their distaste for transgender athletes out on the International Olympic Committee’s rules on transgender athletes in cycling rather than singling out riders themselves.

2019 showed that MTB is more accepting of dopers than transgender riders. That is the reverse of what it should be.

Don’t care for transgender riders in competition? Then go write a letter to your national federation. Picking on other riders is vile. End of.

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