Kenda Pinner Pro Tyre – A New Gravity Tyre Developed by Aaron Gwin

Today sees the launch of the brand new Kenda Pinner Pro Tyre – an aggressive downhill and enduro tyre that has been developed with the help of Aaron Gwin.

Had this season gone as planned, now would be a pretty much perfect time to launch a new tyre like the Kenda Pinner Pro.

It’s a big, tough, aggressive downhill and enduro tyre that’s available in 27.5″ and 29″ and is exactly the sort of thing you’d need as race season hots up. Despite the less than usual ‘season’, the new Pinner is here and we’re taking a look at what it’s all about.

The Pinner Pro is, Kenda says, a “dry condition gravity tyre”. It was developed with Kenda Athlete Aaron Gwin for tracks like Leogang and Lenzherheide and, reading between the lines, intended to fill a gap in the Kenda range.

We’re told that “The Pinner shines with excellent cornering predictability and particularly high puncture protection”.

The Basics

The Kenda Pinner Pro is available in 4 versions, with combinations of protection and compound, for either ‘gravity’ or ‘trail’ riding.

All versions are available in 27.5″ and 29″ and in 2.4″ only.

The gravity versions of the Pinner Pro are built with Kenda’s AGC ‘Advanced Gravity Compound’ technology. They’re available in 27.5″ and 29″ and are 120TPI.

That means that the tyre is built with a strip of woven, protective material under the tread and along the sidewalls. This offers resistance against slashing and extra stiffness (but obviously adds a bit of weight).

The lighter weight versions of the Pinner Pro use Kenda’s ATC ‘Advanced Trail Casing’ technology. They’re available in 27.5″ and 29″, they’re 60TPI and are aimed at trail riding.

ATC adds a layer of protection to the sidewalls and below the tread. It’s similar to the AGC approach but much lighter weight.

Looking at the numbers, there’s little cost difference between the two tyres but the gravity versions are 300g heavier in 29″ and 275g in 27.5″.

What Does The Pinner Pro Do Well?

What are the Pinner Pro’s strengths? The Pinner is, we’re told, best suited to hard and dry conditions. Rocks and roots, loose shale, gravel and anything that’s hard and fast. Bike Park Wales, Antur Stiniog and much of Revolution Bike Park come immediately to mind.


The Pinner Pro is also said to offer a super predictable ride. Kenda has aimed to create consistent tyre contact when leaning the bike over, meaning it won’t suddenly ‘snap’ or wash out. That’s super important if you’ve ever ridden in properly loose, dry and dusty conditions.

It’s also, we’re told, a fast-rolling tyre and offers 16% less rolling resistance than the Kenda Kellkat AGC.

And, again quoting Kenda’s tech info, the Pinner Pro offers “best in class puncture protection” and performs 40% better than comparable DH tyres. We’re looking forward to testing that one out at Fort William next time we can get on track for a DH race.

Team Wideopenmag and the Pinner Pro

With Kenda sponsoring Team Wideopenmag we were hoping to use a combo of the Pinner Pro and the Hellcat through the British race season this summer. Had things gone to plan, we’d be stuck into a few downhill and enduro races on both by now.

So far, we’ve had great fun on the Kenda HellKat, particularly in the wet and wild British winter. The addition of the Pinner Pro to the line up definitely adds a bit of versatility to our tyre choice.

christo gallagher

Team rider Christo on the Kenda HellKat

Dry races at Rhyd-y-Felin or Revolution Bike Park can often have a lot of deep, loose dust and a lot of shale and that sketchy ‘soil over rocks’ stuff. Fort William is another obvious one for the Pinner Pro, particularly that all-important motorway section. The Pinner Pro in AGC feels perfect for those.

On the enduro side, it’s super important to use a tyre that is DH tough but that you can still pedal all day without it being a chore. Again, the AGC would have been an obvious choice.

In terms of our more day to day riding, the Pinner Pro is definitely the sort of tyre you’d want on your big, aggro enduro bike. The AGC ‘gravity’ version would be a great choice for those technical, off-piste, gnarly trails up in the Tweed Valley or South Wales.

They won’t be as light or fast-rolling as a dedicated ‘trail’ tyre but they’ll well suit those trails where you want a proper, robust tyre for the downhill.

Fingers crossed we’ll get the team on track on the new Kenda Pinner before the good weather runs out!

Want a Pair?

The Kenda Pinner Pro is available in the UK this month, distributed through Moore and Large for £60.

You can find your local Kenda Dealer here using the M&L Dealer Locator.