Industry Whips | Anka Martin’s Juliana Maverick.

Everyone knows racers get custom kit to make their bike special but we’re looking at some non-racer custom builds in Industry Whips.

One of the best things about working in the cycle industry is adding those extra special touches to your pride and joy, or even a full custom build that’s got some one-off bits that makes it stand out.

We’re also diving into the geeky setups that make the bike ride just the way their owners want them to.

First out of the gate for Industry Whips is all round good egg Anka Martin and her Juliana Maverick.

Photos by Sven Martin.

There is pretty much nothing it seems that Anka Martin can’t do well, while her infectious smile and personality gets everyone else smiling and having fun too. From World Cup downhiller, Enduro World Series pinner, Trans-Provence stalwart, guide, brand ambassador, the list is almost endless. A good egg.


Juliana Maverick CC 29er, Small frame. I’m right on the cusp of being able to go Small or Medium, but somehow I always stick with the small. I’m 5’3″.

Matt Commando Green & Tan colour that looks so sick. Think it’s my favourite colour bike that I’ve ever owned & I’m so in love.


I’m a SRAM & Rockshox lifer.

For this steed I paired her up with the new Rockshox ZEB 160 fork. I have 1 token in there & run 4 clicks of low speed compression. With the ZEB being a stiffer fork, I can run it with less air than normal and with the 1 token. I can definitely feel the extra stiffness & am able to ride it more aggressively in the rough chundery stuff. I’m not much of a fiddler, I get my bike set up & go riding. I know when it feels good & when it doesn’t, but to be quite honest I’m not too interested in the tech side of things, I just like to go ride my bike.

It also has the new Rockshox Super Deluxe Ultimate rear shock, with the 55mm stroke shock, giving it a touch more travel. I’m also riding the bike in the Low setting. I love how this bike can be set up as a burly descending machine or lightened up quite a bit for more of a all day, xc, trail loving machine.


I’ve always used Crankbrothers pedals (I had to as I worked for them for 8 years) Love their Mallets, they just always work well, especially in wet & muddy conditions.

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This is my first foray into the whole SRAM X01 AXS drivetrain business, and so far, so good! The batteries last forever, I’m pretty blown away by that. It only took a day or two to get used to this whole new feel & action, kind of like re-learning how to drive again. When something that felt so natural & ingrained changes, there is always a wee adjustment period. I’m excited to try their new AXS rear shifter “paddle”, as I think this will feel more natural & improve the shifting action & hand and wrist position while riding through rough stuff. It looks pretty darn slick with minimal cables & the sound of the shifting sounds pretty darn slick.

I run a 30 tooth chainring.


In these photos, my bike has a 180 rotor in the back, but I switch between that and a 200, depending on where I’m riding. Always have a 200 on the front.

I use SRAM Code RSC brakes & Love the bite of organic brake pads. I run my levers mid to high, kind of like my wrists & hands to be in alignment if that makes sense? They bite fairly early. I suppose I’m more of a dragger, but it all depends how scary the trail is and how scared I am at the time.


Reserve 30 Carbon wheels with bling bling gold Industry Nine Hydra hubs to match the Tan accents on the frame. I run them tubeless. Loving the Maxxis Minion DHF DD 2.5 WT Max Terra in the back & an Assegai Double Down Max Grip 2.5 in the front.


760mm Carbon SRAM Descendent bars, roll is not too forward & not too back. SRAM Descendent 40mm stem with Juliana grips. I do love the Vans gum waffle sole grips too.

Lounge area

SDG custom leather “vintage” women’s Allure saddle paired with the new Rockshox Reverb AXS dropper post 150.

Don’t forget my super cool Santa Cruz carbon water bottle cage.

Cool custom sh*t

I have a Mandala topcap that I’ve had on my bikes for years now. It’s just a little custom touch & adds my love for yoga to my bike. My custom “vintage” SDG saddle is also sick. I love it.

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