Pyga Mountainbikes Now Available World Wide (And They’ve Got a UK HQ)

Pyga Mountain Bikes, founded by Patrick Morewood, are now available throughout the world… with some interesting stuff going on in the UK.

Remember Pyga Mountain Bikes? We interviewed Pyga founder Patrick Morewood back in August and also ran our WiseWords questions past him.

Founded by the man himself, Patrick Morewood, Pyga are hand-building mountain bike frames in South Africa, inspired by Patrick’s racing career and time at the helm of Morewood bikes. Passionate about sustainability, Morewood will build the entire Pyga range in alloy with plenty of nods back to his South African roots. Perhaps more interestingly, Pyga are also offering loads of customisation options, allowing riders to mix and match colours and graphics to create their own personal look.

In their latest news, Pyga have announced that they’re now selling their bikes throughout the World, with their base of operations right here in the UK.

Pyga will continue to build their frames in South Africa. European frames will then be painted and assembled in Nottingham, UK with industry veteran Duncan McCann handling operations.

Added to that, Pyga have also now launched their new European website which you can visit at

At present, there are four bikes available for Pyga customers:

Pyga Stage

The Pyga Stage is a 29’er XC & marathon race bike with 110mm travel and 29″ wheels.

Pyga Stage Max

Orbea Rise ebike

The Pyga Stage Max is a 29″ trail bike with 130mm travel.

Pyga Slakline

The Pyga Slakline has 160mm travel and, you guessed it, 29″ wheels.

Pyga Hyrax

Last but not least, there’s the Pyga Hyrax with 29″ wheels and 140mm travel.

We were treated to a very quick first-ride of the bike earlier in the summer and had a great afternoon lapping Pedalabikeaway at the Forest of Dean.

Whilst we didn’t get enough time on the bike for a proper review, we did find the bike to be fun, easy to ride and very suited to trail centres and those ‘up, along and down’ rides. Far from a long-travel monster, it felt like zippy, easy to throw around and very quick on the pedals.

More on that in our First Look feature, coming soon…

You can learn more about Pyga at