Tested : Ben’s Hunt Enduro Wide Wheelset Review.

At less than £400 the Hunt Enduro Wide wheelset aim to give you race ready performance and durability at a bargain price.

Ben has been out rock smashing all summer to see how the Hunt Enduro Wide Wheelset fared.

Photos by Dave Price.

Key features:

  • 6069 T6 Welded construction
  • 33mm Internal rim width
  • 32 Front and 36 Rear J-Bend Spokes
  • 3 Degree RapidEngage rear hub
  • 2060 grams for 29” set tested
  • £379.00 RRP
  • HuntBikeWheels.com

Hunt are the sister company to up and coming UK bike brand, Privateer Bikes, both falling under the Rider Firm umbrella. Their wheels have been gaining a good reputation for value and performance across road, gravel and MTB disciplines. I was keen to see how a sub £400 set of wheels would stand up to a summer of abuse on my enduro bike.

I really like the low key style of these wheels. Everything is black, the rim has a matte finish and low key graphics which give it quite a stealthy vibe. The rim itself is wide and quite low profile and comes pre-taped ready for tubeless setup, even including a pair of tubeless valves. The spoke count hints at the burly intentions of these wheels, with 36 J-bend spokes in the rear wheel and 32 up front.

Tested out rigorously on the Enduro World Series by the likes of Matt Stuttard, the Hunts promise to be seriously tough. One of the goals of these wheels is durability, so amateur racers can go as hard and fast as they like without worrying about damaging their wheels. To achieve this, Hunt use a tough aluminium alloy construction designed with impact resistance in mind and finish it off with longer, more durable 14mm thread nipples and triple butted spokes. This all adds up to just over 2kg.

This wheelset spent a good bit of time on my long term Vitus Sommet 29 VRS as well as a few rides on the excellent Orbea Occam M-10. These wheels did endless laps of my local woods on lock down as well as big days out in South Wales, the FOD and Triscombe. They also got hammered at Dyfi and Revolution Bike Park in North Wales. They were shod with everything from lightweight trail rubber to Double Down Maxxis Assegais and also did quite a few laps with Rimpact inserts fitted.

Leatt DBX 4.0 helmet

After all of that, they are straight as arrows and the spoke key has not been deployed once. They are perfectly true. The only damage they have suffered is a small dent to the rear rim when I smashed it into a root at Triscombe. I am doubtful that any rim would have shrugged that strike off to be honest and I was surprised the damage was not worse. The rim has remained airtight and I have not attempted to straighten it out as it has not affected the performance.

Out on the trails, they have a good blend of stiffness and compliance. The spokes are not laced super tight and this helps to keep them from feeling harsh, especially given how tough the rims are. The freewheel on the rear hub is fairly quiet and low key which I like, and with 3 degree engagement it is plenty quick enough to respond when you put down the power.

The hubs have been smooth running and maintenance free for the whole test, except for the rear which needed nipping up after the first couple of rides as it had developed some play. This required some old-school cone spanners and was a bit fiddly, but once adjusted it never came loose again.


The wheels that come to mind at the Halo Vortex that I reviewed a couple of summers ago. With similar weights, construction and levels of toughness, both are serious bits of kit and great value too. The Hunts are slightly lighter and also slightly cheaper, but I would happily ride and race either wheels in the UK or in the Alps.

What do we think?

The Enduro Wide wheelset from Hunt is tough enough for the fastest and ‘sendyest’ enduro riders and racers and at less than £400 it is hard to beat.

We Love:

  • Fit and forget wheels
  • Low key, black components
  • Race ready

Could do better:

  • Rear hub needed tightening up

You can check out the full Hunt wheel line up on their website here.

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